Roaming Returns

014 - Where You Can Live On $1,500/mo And How To Get There With Dividends

October 10, 2023 Tim & Carmela Episode 14
Roaming Returns
014 - Where You Can Live On $1,500/mo And How To Get There With Dividends
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The United States has a high cost of living which kills most people's dream of retiring. But money stretches much further in other countries, like the ones we discuss in this episode.  

If you bite the bullet and move to a place with a lower cost of living,  you might just be able to realistically retire right now. And you only need $1,500 a month. 

We show you how simple it is to make that amount consistently every month using our investing strategy.  

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Welcome to Roaming Returns, a podcast about generating a passive income through investing so that you don't have to wait till retirement to live your passions. 

Today's episode stemmed from an argument that Tim had was a random dude about how it was impossible to live comfortably off 1500 dollars a month, which we all know Tim proved the dude wrong because it's Tim so now we're gonna go over the details of where you can live comfortably off $1,500 a month and just how easy it is to get there through investing. Buckle up your britches, kids.
So today, we're going to kind of circle back as to where we were, like two months ago.
And what do you mean by that? Why
I get questions. Why I do the research and the emails and the podcasts and the newsletters and they're like this seems like a lot of work. I'm like, well, it's it is a lot of work but like I'm already doing the research so it's like the extra work is just the emails and the newsletters but I which I do, you edit them and give you just raw data and you put it into sign it still takes me a while to make a pretty fine English sentences. Yeah,
cuz you sound like a robot
robot had no beep beep. And I said, Well, the reason I do it is I want to educate people so that they can have the fundamentals and the skills to do their own high yield investing. And then the next question is, well, why and I'm Michael because I want people to actually have a goal they want to attain, whatever that may be. If it's a million dollars, power to mine will never be a million dollars. And then I said in the comment in the context of the conversation said, because I want them to know that they, once they get their portfolio or their their nest egg or whatever to like 120 to 200,000 they legit and retire. And they're like, you're full of crap. I said, I'm really not. And they're like no you are. So that went back and forth a little bit nice and fine. So today's topic, today's episode is going to be about why you can retire with $1,500 a month. So which is I don't know what is 1500 times 12 Three
can your freaking email bra
18,000 A year there you go. So you can get your you can get your your income and vesting dividends and bond payouts and your CDs and all that glorious stuff that we've been talking about. Up to $18,000 a year you'll have 1500 a month that you can then can retire on. And if you don't believe me, buckle your britches.
And what's even more insane if you're old enough to be able to take Social Security out. I think the average Social Security Powdersville what was 1800 767
If you take it out 62 It's like 1200 If you take it out 70 It's like 2200
but in our opinion that's just cherry on top because that would minimize
sounds like 60 sevens the cut off age view then you get penalized you take it out prior to 67 things
you should wait till the longest thing I do is
your dividends and your interest and everything until you hit 70 Because you're literally getting 25% More for free. But
there's the whole theory that it might not be there. I'd rather take it out as soon as possible and let my dividends accrued.
If I have my dividends I don't care if it's there or not. That literally is just extra money at that point that I'm going to Vegas.
Oh good. Okay, Mister, I have a gambling problem. Throw into Vegas. Two completely different opinions there. Choose Your Own Adventure book.
But the reason I came up with 1500 and it's pretty much the goal that I have this 1500 to 2000 I was doing research just to prove this al wrong. That I was right. I found I found everything. There's like a whole litany of countries in the world where you can retire with $1,500 or less or less. We'll start with the US News. US News had a article in March of 2023. And they have listed Belize, Thailand and Ecuador as places that you can actually rent a two bedroom furnished apartment for under $500 A month furnished just an empty thing. And then the International Living which is a website that I follow just because you're not I'm a nerd. January 17 2023 They listed that you can have a two bedroom house slash apartment furnished for under $500 a month and Portugal, Italy and Colombia. And then you could use do a cursory Google thing you'll find countries all throughout the world where you can live for
YouTube videos, there's posts, there's all sorts of stuff everyone wants. I
found that the rent was $500 a month and I was like okay, well what's the rest of it like if you're you know, I'm saying like if you're if your rent $400 a month but then like say it cost like $300 rent that out to healthcare 300 healthcare like 500 and groceries and all other nonsense. So then we do we did some research in Portugal. i You don't know what all this other crap is here, the one that told me to put on the porch in Portugal or under $100 a month. Utilities in Portugal include water, gas, electric and rubbish removal.
I love a European it's called the rubbish.
Wi Fi is under $50 a month and your health care is $30 a month if you're in your 40s and it's upwards between 203 100 If you're in your 60s
which that's a pretty good hike if your order. So if you add
all that together, it's under 1500 We don't have it added up because you know yellow, but when I was doing a deeper dive into it like if you get local food, like local produce and stuff from there like the rates are ridiculous.
a bushel of apples, what did you say $1 record $1
of like $1 One year so like $1.20 or something like that. So
we're currently like maybe 45 minutes away from one. I think it's the fourth biggest apple production I think in the world. Big Louisville. But a bushel of apples is I think like a half bushels 3540 So a full bushels probably running 60 $1 I would literally geek my face off for $1 For freaking bushel of apples. Like seriously I want to go to Portugal more than I did before when
we were like when we looked into like bread and milk and eggs and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and then we did if you use local like local milk local, like local bread, local vegetables and then eating out a couple times a month your your your total is going to be about three to 350 a month. In groceries and eating out. So if you had that up to 500 That would be you're looking at like 12 150 to $1,300 a month in Portugal. For all your essentials
and the weather. There's phenomenal and they have those also the Algarve area with those cool sea caves. Oh my god that's like pretty high on my bucket list.
If you don't follow them they literally what the hell's their name? I follow Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mr. adventures they traveled around America and a van for like years and years. And then they did world like World Tour. But they literally just bought a an old No. And they're converted into a house in Portugal and it's really cool. So if you do like Portugal, I'd watch that. It's pretty neat. They talk like talk to the locals and everything. It's pretty neat. Then I was like, well, that's Portugal, you know, that's dirt cheap. So then we saw them closer to home. Mexico
and you would never guess we'll get him but he's allegedly Mexican.
My family comes from
Sierra Leone,
the web a Leon Oh no. Oh my great grandma allegedly swam across the Rio Grande River Island and we're in Texas I could see how you could swim across the Rio Grande it was like You can literally inches
less than that in some places you can literally walk across the Rio Grande and like February because it's like dry season. I
have a scar on my foot we were we were we had our kayaks were like we're gonna kayak and Santa Elena Canyon. Yeah, that didn't work and on the radiographs and we got out there and I do I beach like 60 times so I was like fuck this. I'm just going to drag this
kind of and then he fell in like a sinkhole and there was a cycle and there was
like a stick in there and I was like I have this perfectly round scar on my foot from the stick that like impaled my foot. So mihika you can get beachfront property in certain towns in the epitaph doesn't get you up in time for lunch. And so that's not like tourist areas. Make sure friends there for under $500 a month. groceries in Mexico are dirt cheap. Again, local produce local and then even now it's like ridiculously cheap like, Dude, you're spending like 300 400 bucks. Most for getting fat basically getting fat that you're gonna eat so much Mexican food isn't as
high now Tim could eat tacos like literally every day.
Utilities waters 20 electrics 20 I'm sorry, electric sporty to fit the Wi Fi is $21 a month a gas is 20 a higher elevation you guys to hear your shit and if you're in a lower if you're in a lower elevation, you're gonna need the electric to air conditioned bus fares. are ridiculous like it's 50 cents a day
where they get you they have something similar to Europe with this VAT tax.
Tax and Mexico is 16% everything but food so take all your stuff with you and just buy your food there's but that mean what their health care is better than America's allegedly I don't know like their their health scales, whatever the the health care is better than America. And it's cheaper $25 A month under 4040 to 60 is $50 A month 60 And above is 63 to 70 and they have like $1 prescriptions and like three office visits and all sorts of crazy shit. And
there's lots to see and Mexico like Yakutat you should see my maps I have frickin pinpoints all over the place. They have pink, a pink salt lagoon just outside. Yes.
Okay, so then we went further south and I think it's further south. Further south on the Ecuador
is in South America, but Mexico is like North America. On my
map in my head. Oh my god. You can get a two bedroom house for under 500 A month or 300 in less than like, non touristy areas.
That's pretty sweet yo groceries are
a bit more expensive in Ecuador. They're like 400 a month, but then your healthcare is $79 a month. Your transportation costs was 30 cents a day or whatever that
is. I think utilities a 120 is pretty cool.
But this one, the utilities and this one actually included your Wi Fi or 120 bucks a month. Oh, that's sweet. So you're looking at like, damn near and $1,100 is all for Ecuador to retire there. Ecuador, or the month
I think they have one of the highest elevation cities in the world. So cool. There's like this awesome mountain backdrop in the back around the water. No, no, I think it's actually Ecuador,
school team and our like our favorite place we've been in the recent Moroccans the Brecon recommends. So we looked at Greece just by way of comparison, because we were there and these numbers are actually high. So whoever the blogger was they had right these for their their news article. Well, we
will say we we did an extensive tour in Greece. We were there for two weeks and we just like literally packed in as much as possible. We were only in Athens for a day and we were in like the Ionian Islands. We were up at Mount Olympus area we went up to media area media aura we were over in that weird Peninsula thing that shoots off where smart is at this is really really cool like jump off rock thing where they built this they literally carved this city in the back. I guess back when the war happened. Like the only place you could see the city is from was from the ocean coming in. So it was like tucked back. There's no cars on the actual Island.
Multiple multiple multiple baisa Vasilios awesome.
It is so freakin cool. We're actually thinking about finding a place to stay when we're there. And there's like creepy old woman was like stalking us. We named her the Bulgarian. Very
weird she was like really pent up. She was really really you're gonna rent this room for 40 euros or something.
But at nighttime that you're like walking on cobblestones, blows light, the lighting the ambiance just absolutely amazing. But the town kind of goes up in the air and then you look down on everything. It's really sweet.
So red there is in Greece as you can find the two bedroom for $750 a month. Your groceries are in around four to 500
inboards expensive so the watermelon we got that was like Uber dinky. Smaller than a basketball was like 1010 bucks 10 euros I guess it was like $15 for freaking watermelon. Ludicrous but the gyros we got there street foods
like super $2 Huge gyros, transportation like their transportations, not really outside the major cities really accessible but it's $30 a month unless you need to use the fairies and fairies who the hell knows if they're running their 30 bucks. They're not on strike, but
I assume that will come? What is it? I think most of the landmass is actually an island or something which blows my mind. But I do know the fairies get a little expensive water,
electricity and Wi Fi and all that stuff is 112 ish around there and then healthcare is 140 I think Greece is one of the countries that you actually have to show them you have healthcare or buy healthcare before you can actually retire to that country. But even then, you're still looking at $1,300 to retire to Greece. So
an outside of Athens is just absolutely gorgeous. I'm
pretty sure because they were like, what I was reading this in Athens, you can like, oh, you can find a apartment for like 1200 I'm pretty sure I saw apartments for like 400 500 hours in Athens or little rinky dink things like New York City type stuff. So the next country I lived that is one of the ones I want to go see, not where everybody else goes. It's how Italy in a Tyler. I want to go to the Italia, Italia, or whatever the Dolomites some fears,
yeah, Northern Italy looks absolutely
fantastic. You can rent a two bedroom house in Italy for under 500 A month groceries are about for groceries slash eating out are about 400 a month. Utilities are a little bit higher. electric and water I'm sorry, utilities are what she has. I have no idea $80 A month because you have to actually heat your house because it's higher elevation and electric is 150 bucks a month because you again have to heat it but then that's where the air conditioner runs. I feel
like Italy could be confusing because it's such a big state that covers a whole bunch of latitudes like the northern part is up in the one of those mountains. Alps during the march in the Alps. And then if you're the whole way down like in the boot, the whole way down in the boot. It's a lot more tropical. So I don't think you're the heating costs. You could probably cut back there. Maybe you need it was
29 hours a month transportations 38 bucks a month and healthcare is $400 a month. Right there you got 1400 a month to retire to Attalla
Would you stop saying that it's so confusing Italy, Italy, the terrier.
So then we looked at Thailand apparently
my homeland because I'm like what? 42% Italian when I thought I was only a quarter everybody
talks about that I retired to it to Thailand or I visited Thailand now I live here blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Thailand looks pretty sweet. Now I know this numbers high. Says you can rent a two bedroom house for under 500 a month. I know 500 is way high. You can literally probably find out for 200 300 bucks. Probably get an Airbnb for that much a month groceries are dirt cheap. 150 to 200 in Thailand. Water is $6 $6 a month for water gas is 35 internet's only $12. I like that number two transportation system in Thailand supposed to be the shiznit and it's $15 a month. Electricity is $90 a month and they are one of the higher healthcare healthcare costs while the $200 a month for your healthcare. But it is like one of the top 10 in the world. Everything
else is cheapest crap. Oh yeah. And if the healthcare is really good and there
for like, two jobs and like that thing where you rubber band in your stomach, gastric bypass the fat bands that bands because it's they have what happens is a lot of doctors from America go to other countries and like a lot of them settle over in Thailand because they like it so much. I'm assuming Fukushima is a spot where they go to fucking
talking about that place forever because the neighbors are gonna go there and get a
postcard and so greetings from Fuckit
I'm not entirely sure how you pronounce that. But the next country I really liked him is on a huge fan. He's got the whole cartel fear whatever the heck are.
You again? Get a two bedroom furnished house for under 500 A month groceries dirt cheap.
Dollar $5.35 electric
21 Water is a teen gas is three I think those numbers are well if you're in the higher elevations and as I
say Colombia is one of those places and the reason I like it is because I like countries based on the a static like geography and climate. Colombia has a lot of elevation
I'd be in the higher elevation or a tropical that's maybe you a person looking to retire for 1500 a month would probably go where's cheapest. I
do know that the bigger cities in Colombia are like cultural hubs of awesomeness
and the transportation is high at $90 a mile and then like where the they have a set percent of your income for your healthcare like so you'll say my brokerage accounts making $18,000 So they'll often they'll just take 12.5% of your 18,000 So
yeah, whatever you're making per month it's 12.5% of that. So for our purposes since we're shooting for the 1500 a month that comes out to be $187.50 for the month for health care. Cats are fighting and lock themselves in the bathroom
or some breakdance fight going on here. They're growling so right so those are just some like some countries I mean if you really wanted to you could find a litany more let me sound here already
said let me twice let me say I've never even heard that word recently.
Let me sound all college like so here's the thing, the other countries on Google
but here's the thing that you can probably find places all over the place that you can live probably for $1,500 a month if you just knock it out. If you just do your research and like dig and dig into places or go to the not so popular as the touristy areas because those are gonna be
you're not going to Rome and like Madrid and shit like that. You're gonna have to go to like outskirts Rome and outskirts of Madrid.
But what's cool you can get a lot of stuff like on the outskirts that might be the twinge edge of the bus.
If you're listening to us as Nomad nomads you probably don't like the touristy sections here like really so and
then for us like we lower our cost of living significantly, but the whole living in the van thing because the cups The what 50% of the living cost per housing down to like next to nothing in
America like 50 to 60% of your your take home pay is spent on your your housing, which is
one of the reasons we decided to do the whole band thing because it's just like I can't justify that. And we like to be out in nature most of the time. Anyway. That's
insane. So you're working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to pay for your house.
And we'd rather be hiking, biking, swimming.
I'm not doing that so everybody
not everybody's is adventurous. And once the make the leap to go outside country. So we do we found a whole bunch of, I guess cities in the US that could potentially be
places them humdingers.
Well, the reason I said that is because we're not really fans of Uber cold. And again, not just an occasional so like the first five or six cities there's not really too much to see to even justify the like crappy weather in my opinion. Like who wants to go to Green Bay Wisconsin remember Lansing, Michigan, Michigan, Waterloo, Iowa Fort Wayne, Indiana.
There's like Billy's town Ohio. Is that one of them do? Like I know Ohio the shithole
Erie pa we're in PA Erie gets freaking feet upon feet upon fields. One of those snow in the winter like effects,
not supposed to snow two to three feet, not inches. It's insane how much snow they get. So I like the snow by all means Yeah, if
you like the snow and you like the cold like that is sprayed there. You got six options you can move to
below. We found a couple cities that are pretty tight. And we absolutely love
North Carolina and West Virginia. We're not entirely sure which one of those to conquer which one of those two states is actually our favorite use of the Mississippi on a one. North Carolina, North Carolina. I can't I can't rank it. They're like kind of equal.
Number one, West Virginia is number two. Okay, Mercury is the shit
it has such versatility.
You literally could take a hike for like three weeks and go from a beach to a mountain like a mountain top. So you know, and
honestly North Carolina has a crap ton of national forest which you can stay for free.
You can rent an apartment in Hickory North Carolina for $743 a month. Or West Virginia, Huntington, West Virginia you could rent one for 764 months.
I feel like we drove through that the last time we went down.
I know we drove through hickory and that was I was like this. I don't
I don't remember that one at all. I know we went through Huntington West Virginia.
It was like we went to Cherokee. We came south of the Smokies. We went to Cherokee we're like this is awesome. And then hickory is like right around there. I
get to look at a map because I have map oriented. I think they went to Huntsville, Huntsville Alabama,
that's shithole.
Well cost of living in Alabama, Louisiana. Maybe Mississippi.
I know that because there's a YouTube channel I was called not the expert. He did play a bunch of video games and he's from Huntsville, Alabama. I mean, it's a shithole. So I'm just quoting so
but but, but if you're a caver or somebody who really likes caves, Alabama is like a hidden gem for Cavan. And the problem
was trying to locate cities in America. This is what I was encountering when I was doing the research for this is like in Texas, for example, we know of a like 20 cities in Texas where you could probably rent something for five to $600 but they weren't on the list because they're tiny like Fort Davis, Texas. Is the shit and I'm pretty sure it is I'm for like $400
for Davis. Oh my god. I was just blown away by West Texas in general. So like the three that came up for Texas were looted
in Mexico. You could probably rent them for like 200 bucks a month because they're everyone there's dead.
I don't even think you need to though. You're in the middle of all those forests. There's National Forest. So it's like, who cares? But if we go back to Texas, Lubbock, Lubbock that's kind of up in the Panhandle ish area that's only like an hour and a half from Palo Duro, which is actually the second biggest canyon in the country. And it is freakin gorgeous. It has such an interesting color variation. Oh my god, like what didn't you actually say it's prettier than Grand Canyon. I haven't been to the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon is boring. A big hole in the ground, but actually has like some color and some artistry to it. Like it's
got the orange rocks but it's got green. It's it's really interesting to ride a bike up the mountain Suzanne Tim we dropped him off and he rode around and came up out of the canyon on his bicycle. So he was in frickin 7777 Over there. So So that one's close to I think Roswell is only like two hours away from there too and Roswell is wicked cool town man. It reminds me a lot of Salem except it's got aliens and sort of like the witch thing going on. And then the other one in Texas they say Odessa and Midland witch, and there's like some crater there but not really too much to see but they're about two and a half hours away from Carlsbad canyons and Guadalupe. Mountains National Park, which we freaking love those two blueprints are the bomb. Quarterly based one of the underrated I think it's the one of the least
Heike Did you to the one is it growing at the time? You put your graphics so because my friend
that's right, that was the day I had to go super slow. behind you shouldn't hurt. Yeah, you were kind of grumpy. your wiener hurt. I can't walk that fast. but seriously if you're gonna go to Odessa and Midland you Mazal scoot sideways and go over to friggin fort Venus and Fort Davis is really close to Marfa. I'm sure you guys have heard about those lights. I didn't think Marfa was really, I think that's an overhyped town but Alpine which is there's like a little triangle between the three of those alpine is a fan tastic town if you're an art. They have murals all over the place they have a lot of local artists, it's just,
okay, you're off topic. Okay. Although if you like Halloween Sleepy Hollow rocks could you give me crap Sleepy Hollow like the cops like play like the Halloween theme song on their on their cruiser cars weather rural through and everything it's fantastic town it was so
cool Halloween we should do a Halloween episode because we're getting ready to do some stuff Hershey Park everybody
we will so that's okay so like we've plenty of examples there of relatively cheap places to live and now now we get into the meat and potatoes okay.
The meat and potatoes, the meat potatoes 27 minutes no podcast.
So what would you ideally need? If you're a pansy to retire at $50 a month you
and when he says pansy he means like completely risk averse The VV
$257,143 in your portfolio,
which is not anywhere near a million dollars, literally with you very
just park that 257,002 Bullet shares which don't do anything other than just pay you 6% down a little bit, they go up a little bit, stay
in a pretty pretty narrow price window so you don't really lose a lot of value of your actual assets. So that is the would you say pansy method of approach that's
the pansy portfolio. Okay? So then that would be 7% because the ball shares or six or 7% for a little riskier investment, like the ones I've been talking about like Hercules and horizon and JP q if you read the the emails and the newsletters, you can get 10% are really easy with relatively no price, depreciation or volatility. Always Hercules and her her Hercules raises their dividend pretty much every year horizons. Like every other year GDP que je PQ is a variable dividend payer, but it's been gradually going up and up and up and up. So you just if you just had a portfolio with those three quality high investment, high yield investments that would be give you about 10% which would then make your portfolio necessarily 180,000. And you're still kind of fancy ish. Oh my god,
but I still think 180,000 That's what a fifth less than a fifth of a million dollars. That is very doable.
If you're a follower of us. You want to use our approach you must be YOLO and no one. You know that we can find quality investments and make between 14 and 20%. I just hit 14 and 15 because it's easy math and I was lazy.
So that drops your portfolio down to 14%. For
example, you could do a GAO F which is like one of the best bond funds out there. That yields 14.7%. You can do PDI which everyone talks about. It's one of the Pemko that's MES is supposed to be like this great thing. I personally didn't like it when we invested in it but it yields 15.3% And then you did a je je PQ and then you did a HRC and you put that together and you have a 14 14% portfolio 14% yield on your portfolio you only need 128,571 As your as your target number to do 50% You will you just basically with me replacing the horizon and the Hercules capital with something that's not quite as stellar but it's really good like a IRLP which is like probably my favorite LP I'm sorry. MLP master limited partnership. That one yields 12.2 You could throw in some icon there that's up 20% which is going to go up at some point it's at $18
Now he's gonna turn his stuff around. He's a great business leader. And
then you throw in a ABR which is like one of the best ra Rei T's around and they're always raising their dividend yields 12% And he did something like a portfolio like that if you did up to 50% and 50% you only need $120,000 in your portfolio to get your $1,500 A month
120,000 And now like you
now say you want to get ballsy to the wall. So you can either probably get that that number under 100,000 with a strategic high risk, high yield like cortef QR QR TP which is yielding like 30% You can also it's a preferred share though so you're
not you can also lower that number by giving yourself a little a few years to get to that point because then you can have the dividend accrual and growth because the compound like the compound interest, reinvesting actually allows you to invest less if you give yourself say like a three to five year window. And
then the part that like is probably confer those people is the 125,000 with high quality, high yielding investments and you can retire to like all these places we listed. You can retire to them and have spending money in there and you would never touch the portfolio or your your
principal never have to cash out your assets. They just keep generating you literally would
just turn the drip off and let it accrue in your account and you could live in Portugal any of these places. And that was that's that when I started when I gave the numbers to people they're like whoa and I won that argument. So that's all that matters
are human so that's all the fact you're out of control. But that's pretty much what we're doing. That's
why I'm doing and I want people to have the knowledge to do this and have that money coming in every month and and retire at like 35 or 40 like I'm 47 I wish I would have known how to do this in my 30s because I certainly wouldn't be sitting here in the middle of a cold as room.
Pennsylvania sorry, I don't have the condo finished yet the flip. We're gonna get like 50,000 so I'm hoping
that we I'm hoping that there's younger people listening and saying, Well, that's awesome because then they can put I don't know what people make 50,000
I think the average is probably around 50,000
So you figure you weren't you're gonna be working a shit job anyway, so just cut out your expenses and put like take four or five years and get your shit up to 125 to 130,000 and then you can retire at 30
I think the kicker is most people will stick their money into a retirement account. Well the problem with the retirement accounts if you're anywhere below the 6059 and a half.
Oh the reason I said 125 Before I forget is because you'd still be using the $120,000 number but you wouldn't be having $5,000 in dividends for your taxes. Because we had never mentioned taxes taxes are a thing they actually they tax you at like 12% or some nonsense, whatever you're
paying well and the other sweet spot is if you're making that little bit of money you're in like the loo are but
you're still gonna have to pay like a couple 100 I don't know, couple 100 and taxes.
Well, if it's 12% for 18,000 I would have no I know a
lot of the places we mentioned like Portugal and Italy and now the EU actually would have to have your bank statement showing. So you probably would have to collect your dividends for a year prior to moving there because you'd have to have your bank statements showing that you're making that much because the way they let you in as an expat is that you have proof of income so
some countries are easier to get into for retirement purposes or working visas or things you'll have to do your own research on that this this episode is not going to cover that we're just talking about this specifically from the $1,500 affordability thing so
quick from an argument that stemmed over text messaging that I was right and and for people.
Yeah, yes. And we heard you We heard you. I was right. There was this person you want to give a shout out over here?
Okay. But the other thing you could do is if you're more nomadic like we are we don't really like staying in one place for a long period of time so you very well could just do Airbnb ease and switch your location every one month, three months, five months, whatever the heck for example,
this week, I think tomorrow, a BDC goes ex dividend called ECC at yield 60%. Every time I've held that in my mind, I don't know how people will lose lose money in that because even if the price depreciation only ever goes down like six or 7% if you're making 16%
panic, we should do an episode about the whole risk thing. We've been talking about that from jump literally
have always made money in the price. The price has always been lower than where I bought it always made money. So I'm saying you could die I would not recommend putting $125,000 into a 16
No, not you do not want to be all in one but I'm
saying like once you find like little golden nuggets like when other ones trend trn like every time I put money into trend, I've made money. Same with Hercules capital. Same with HRC and like just because the the way that they are set up as long as you get in in what's it called a trough. When the price goes down. You're still probably going to overpay it's probably going to go down a little bit more because it is you know in that trough is in the downward trajectory. But every time I've got into those I've made money because I got I bought them on the downward trajectory of a trough and their yield is so high that unless the world implodes, and everyone dies in the financial market, like you're going to make money because you think 16% It is 14 cents a month per share for like a spy dollar stock.
That's insane. Like that's, that's huge. I know that doesn't sound like a lot when you actually do the math throughout what you've gotten paid. So you spend like 1000 You can buy 1000 or so shares that you get paid four cents per share.
That's crazy. It's insane, like and so that's I don't know how to like actually type that up but like the probably probably have to
do a video and show people that numbers I know you don't want to be on YouTube but I think it's gonna
do is for pansies and bullet shareholders. pansies. We have bought shares no offense to YouTube influencers out there that you're all pansies
we're gonna be there at some point not gonna be like pegasi shares you just
saw that guy was beating the drums and you're
just that's literally what you're gonna be on camera with. Like I am protesting a
mask. The mask investor who we might just do that. Oh my god. We're Maskull I were chatting or one hour we want Oh my god. Yes,
guys, apparently that's coming.
Look. Okay, so that's that. I will actually figure a way out and to type up what I was just talking about, because that's super important. Like I mean, we I know we're joking, but it's super important that they yield so much that they cover their losses every time you hold them. So that's that so get your shit together, get $125,000 your brokerage account and say peace out that just because that's what we're about. to do. What I just did Peace out bitches.
Tim totally just tapped out. Alright guys, that is the wrap up for today. If you guys found this helpful, informative, and you liked our ridiculous chaos, give us a like give us follow the comments. And we will see you next episode.