Roaming Returns

020 - Why You Can't Ignore The Link Between Health And Investing

November 21, 2023 Tim & Carmela Episode 20
Roaming Returns
020 - Why You Can't Ignore The Link Between Health And Investing
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Your health is directly linked to quite a few aspects of finance and investing.  It plays a big role in how well your brain is functioning. The better your brain, the more you can learn and become a good investor.

Health also impacts your emotional and psychological stability and resilience. If you go into investing in a poor state, stock market movements can actually increase anxiety and stress which will drag your health down further.

When you make health a priority now, you'll have a better quality of life now and in the future. Not only will you be able to live long enough to reap the rewards of your investments, but you won't have medical expenses draining .

Few talk about health being an important aspect of investing, but it has a much bigger impact than many people realize.

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Welcome to Roaming Returns, a podcast about generating a passive income through investing so that you don't have to wait till retirement to live your passions.

In today's episode, we dig into the implications that health plays in investing your sleep, what you eat, and that even exercise really dictate your mental health, your mental stability and the resilience that you're going to have when it comes to actually investing in the stock market. And then at the end, we have a little bit of our crypto discussion that you might want to tune in for let's get into the nitty gritty.
Almost people we we touched on this the last podcast I think we did like the health aspect like I sorry, there's not gonna be a lot of tickers tonight because I literally went on a kick about trying to explain why it's super important to be healthy before you actually invest.
And the reason that kick this off is because we were sitting around and holiday traffic Tim's brain started pouring up. Did it Yeah. Cuz you're like it's time to eat and feast and stress. Like
the holidays bring about like 1000 different problems and 1000 different problems leads people to eat that 1000 different times so and then most people don't actually eat that well during the holidays and like I could just see people gain weight and not healthy and whatever, from the sugary and the processed foods and whatnot. So I started thinking, but like, I've been reading a bunch of things forever. Probably 789 years. I forget how many years I've been about investing and like I've only ever came across I think one person in all that time that even mentioned like how important health is in investing and it's actually quite it does a lot more
behind the scenes as a secondary like catalysts than we realize.
Well, like for example, I have a if you don't exercise and have a bad heart and worse blood flow to your brain. And you have no way to like declutter your brain. You eat poorly and have an unhealthy body. You're not going to be mentally clear. And you like when you're not when your brains not firing like with a human condition is to basically revert back to emotional decision making like you just go on emotion. Yeah, I hear that fight or flight is like an emotional response to problems. It's not a mental response response to problems. And the
thing that I've noticed like I'm in the whole human behavior, like that's my wheelhouse and fell down. The whole health bandwagon. And basically, anytime that we can't handle motions, or we feel something negative emotion and stress is one of those things, we revert back to things that help us suit that. Well. The thing growing up in America, most people eat their feelings. And that's one of mine, but you basically if you grew up with people who did that you're most likely to have that as a coping mechanism to and when there's food about like who can say no to free food we're guilty con ever said
for free meals are the best mango right? Even if they may just swallow up. No, I don't want you guys to pick like the cucumbers and shit. I don't eat
at sometimes but I definitely fall prey because I have what is it? FOMO and
the point being like is when when you revert to emotional stuff, you're not a very rational investor.
Yeah, and it compounds those foods actually cause further brain fog and higher levels of stress and emotional reactivity to
the funny part is, if you go into investing, unhealthy, actually, investing will make you unhealthier because there's actually as we get into later, there's actually a lot of factors that investing do to your body that if you're not taking care of yourself, you're gonna go pretty bad pretty quick.
Yeah, cuz because the best thing can cause stress too. So if that's kicking it up, then you do the food thing and it's kind of a whole other showers spiral. So I was even I was reading your notes earlier and I was like, is it the chicken is it the egg kind of feels like it it kind of plays on off the other
No, you're if you're if you're healthy and you go into investing you can actually whether whether the investing stuff because you know how to take care of yourself. So you're still going to have the stress and you're still going to have the fatigue and all the bills with it. But if you take care of yourself, you know how to take care of yourself prior to investing. Then when it happens when your best and you'll just meditate or you'll go exercise or whatever and it won't be a big deal. I was gonna say I think healthy going into it. And you have no idea how to take care of yourself. It's going to snowball Yeah,
I feel like the healthy component helps build resilience in pretty much every area of life because there's other stressful things that happen.
No, I came across multiple studies. I mean, I'm gonna say probably I didn't do like an extensive amount of scholarly research research for what I was typing up but probably seven or eight just off the cuff. Is it off the cuff? Off the cuff, off the cuff that talked about the HIPAA hippocampus, and like extra is what exercise does to that and that's why like, I'm okay. I'm a believer with a problem being the market opens at 930 So like it's very difficult to get a an exercise session and that's not carnal before 930 Yeah,
that never happens because I've never awake by that point.
I just poked like you're awake you're like No,
no, I don't think No I go
for so like what that one that one is basically saying is if you exercise it's gonna get the blood flow and the blood flow is really good for the brain. I think the brain actually requires the most blood of all organs. And if you're not, you don't have blood flow and you're screwed. And you're not gonna be able to think exercise also makes you feel better and when you feel better, that it obviously weighs on your emotions as well as when we quote
Lily. She couldn't have killed him. Exercise makes Endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't kill their husbands.
They don't love that movie. did not win the night and then like there's another component to the healthy part like exercise. Exercise is important and it's not really that difficult. Like if you live in, say, a duplex just walk up the stairs like 10 times. Well
and here's one of the ones I even know from randomly looking at stuff. I think you only need to walk 23 minutes a day because it's I think it's 150 minutes a week is the minimum mandatory for healthy lung and blood flow I believe, according to experts, because like one of the only studies or whatever I even have like remembrance of because my stuff's mostly all experiential. So you don't need a ton. We need to get your butt moving. Like stop taking the elevator stop parking
that we do like when we drove our van we literally parked like the farthest away from the building mechanics and no one hits our baby and then we just walk and like it's good. I mean, obviously at that point, we're actually hiking and biking and all other stuff. But suppose we weren't fatties, we'd still Park away from the grocery store and we'd walk up to the grocery store. Heck, I
even got super lazy at one point when I didn't feel like we had this like crypto walking shoe at one point. I would literally watch YouTube episodes while I was walking in circles out in the parking lot so it's like Oh, whatever.
DoorDash is bad. At least walk to your car and drive to the place to pick up the food and walk to the place to pick up the food DoorDash is gonna kill a lot of people. And what I what I tackled this topic, I was trying to look at it through the lens of investing. I mean there's going to be obviously like carryover to normal life, but I'm like, all this stuff is I'm trying to try to reel it back to like how it affects your investing. Like the only part I couldn't is if you're unhealthy prior to investing in the sense then you're kind of effed. Yeah.
But mental clarity is a huge one. What you're talking about with exercise, I think food
foods, like foods probably the easiest one to fix. Like ask like if you're eating processed shit food and just don't. Yeah,
it's the process stuff. It's the added weird ingredients is the preservatives and it's the processed sugar. There's a really good documentary that Tim watched on Amazon Prime
something sugar and sugar. But if you go to the documentary section will be the one that says sugar.
Diet was Australia. Very fascinating guy in Australia was like healthy, didn't really eat a lot of sugar and he decided to like start eating sugar and he was like documenting all of the mood swings and emotional volatility and weight gain and lethargy and the fatigue and everything that sat in. It was really fascinating. And I will say from personal experience, like we've seen a lot of a lot more sugar and processed stuff and then got really hardcore with eating good for a while and then we kind of slept a little bit and I will tell you I just have chronic headaches and coming back from eating healthy and then eating something again I get like almost instant headache when I show
you the process through what it does to my body. And I can't be the only one is it causes inflammation and I get like restless.
Yeah, there's an ADHD component. There's a compulsivity component to
restless you can't really focus on what your research and what's it like a good price to buy or sell or any of that other stuff like you're kind of screwed so like it's very difficult to invest when you're on a diet that's causing you're brand new like what's going on?
Yeah and one of the biggest things for good investing habits is discipline. So it's like you're really struggling if you have OCD creeping in or the
ADHD you say that you can eat up to 25 grams of sugar, which I think is bullshit. I'll call that right now. I think it should be more like 10 to 12 but that's my
I will actually say that sugar like there's a difference between processed sugar and honey. We're
saying like It's like we're saying like added sugar when they added sugar and and stuff you're eating fruit you're obviously going to have more than 25 grams of sugar but that's
I think that documentary talks about the fiber the fiber is the big difference like drinking apple juice is different from eating an apple because the fiber somehow counteracts the blue
what they do with Apple, they literally just put it in a presser and they just press down like 15 apples. So you're getting all the sugar from 15 apples into a one little eight ounce cup and you're not going to add the stuff to shut it out to
help scrub your internals and feed your microbiome.
But if you had one apple like you're really good like if you eat apples, you're going to be able to eat maybe three so you're only getting three apples worth of sugar and then you're like, you're then you're full or you're going to probably get sick or whatever and then you're going to crap it all out. And it's a different like it's a different chemical reaction from a fruit as opposed to a processed sugar in your body. Like I mean it does the same thing goes to glucose but the processed sugar there's another step in there. That's great.
Yeah, and the fact that it's like hyper processed it I guess makes it easily absorbable which is how those spikes in your blood sugar happen. When you have the fiber it slows all that stuff down, which is where people with the diabetes
were like this. Those energy drinks that are killing to herald they're like I just read a study that like they think 186,000 people died just just from energy drinks last year. Terrible but like they do they cause some ridiculous spikes and like I can I can tell you when I have like a bowl of really sugary cereal for breakfast. I'm fine for like 45 minutes and then like did I just fall off a cliff? And I have no energy I have like, I'm so hungry. I can't think yeah,
we used to hike a lot more when he was on the worst diet he would have these like massive like, I would almost call them a Nimi ups where he'd like just crash and like burn and you'd have
one that's one of like, I feel like I can't be and it's rarely like it it's very difficult to make any logical decisions whenever your body just shuts down. Oh crap I need to eat. So it got to the point where she was bringing in just all sorts of crap in the back back security that that he's like,
No, I'll be fine. I'll be fine. I'm like really because past past has not dictated this whole thing. So I'd have to feed them.
Study in the International Journal of Food and sciences and nutrition. I don't know somewhere in America. They they found that the you have a higher a two to three times higher probability of having a serious serious psychological distress when you're on a junk food diet that like a high processed junk food diet. And it's seven times more likely to suffer serious psychological distress if you have a high sugar diet.
And I actually read a book that's all about food and mood and if you have depression if you have anxiety if you have all these things, look at what you're eating. The biggest culprits were sugar, caffeine, dairy, and gluten.
Just like if you're having a sort of serious psychological snap because you're your diet. How are you possibly going to be rational logical when it comes to investing or in any aspect of your life? I mean, it's very difficult to actually separate investing from your life but I try to because it's an investing thing but like a cop I think we
can kind of compound the whole stress thing because life is stressful, which to me is probably the same equivalent of like, you know, watching ticker prices and charts do all that stuff because that can be really stressful to for some people, especially if they're like, barely got their feet wet. So it can be stressful. But once you get in there and you start realizing it's not the end of the world. Plus if you implement the strategies that we're talking about, where
do you get going crazy 36 grams of sugars. What the American Heart Association says America 36
grams of sugar, so equate that to like normal that says nine teaspoons well this
was like if you drink like one can of Coke, you're getting like 60 grams of sugar. So that's more than That's more than double. They said 25 I don't know what the American Heart 25 So if you drink one can of pop
I'm sorry. No. Pops world. The weirdo. We're
in the Northeast it's soda. Do you have one kind of pop your drink you're literally drinking your entire day day probably two days with sugar intake so you can't have any sugar for two days and so is that coke worth? If you're drinking one coke I guarantee you from personal experience you're drinking more than one coke. You're drinking like three or four
litre cola farva liter cola when we
were at New Mexico hiking we would go and Hawaii to me I can we stop at like the store and I just get like later. In Texas I had three liters of Dr. Pepper
It was so bad I had to find places in the van to like stashes stupid soda bottles like oh my god it was ridiculous. we'd wake up and I hear it shoot the fish go I don't know like what is wrong with you to
think about it like when you release what the CANS you have some like reference. You drink a two liter bottle you literally just drank and you're like I've had enough and you're like well crap, I just burned
the dam. We're not using cups so Tim's just like chugging out of the bottle. So I drank like four or five
Dr. Peppers for hiking and then wonder why I like crashed. I mean it was it was bad. Yeah, he's
got he's got some bad habits. I've never liked soda for carbonation and like I'm not even kidding. So Tim's switched back over to carbonated water. And I told him like the carbonation just bothers me and I actually sips on the other day and I like regurgitated freaking foam. There's something about my digestive system that doesn't melt like the carbonated bubbles. What they found
though, is that if you eat a diet that's healthy, that's not processed. With vegetables and it has like, I don't know fish crap in it like the Omega threes like it does so much for your cognitive processes.
What do you mean by that is your brain is actually the fattiest organ in the body. I think it's made of 60% fat,
and helps maintain the function of synapses and brain plasticity.
Oh there's the other thing that most people don't realize is that your fatty tissue is actually where the toxins in your body are stored. So the if there's any like if you have an excess of sugar ice in the body is going to waste too much toxin. The next
topics easiest to correct.
Oh, yeah. Isn't it is a really Yeah. I'm not so sure about that. Because usually people get wired and tired and
that's easiest to correct because you do great if you're tired. Just take a nap. The next part is sleep. Like, if you're not getting so I think six eight hours asleep. You're killing yourself. It doesn't. It doesn't have to be six consecutive hours. of REM sleep but if you if you break it like I do, I normally get like four or five sometimes or sometimes five, but generally I get at least four at night and I'll take like a one or two hour nap. So I'm getting my I'm still getting my six hours around.
I've always been a late sleeper with a really weird sleep schedule to begin with. Like I don't know what his problem is. When I go to bed. I like conk out for eight to 10 hours. I'm good to go and she freaking is up half the night Catholic in his head. So the
lack of sleep blood flow is decreased by up to 10%. And reaction time is reduced 30 to 50%. Reaction Time obviously doesn't matter if you put limit prices in but like the blood flow of the brain is a huge thing like if you're if you're not getting enough sleep, you're like you're here only functioning on 90%. At the most 90%
I think anybody who's taking any driving classes they actually say that I think it's 24 hours without sleep can actually give you the cognitive function of a drunk person so imagine that and trying to Actually Trade
was like If so if you combine getting a good night's sleep and you combine it with a not like I'm not saying go vegan but like cut some of the shit out of your diet.
We're talking processed food we're not talking like lunch me
lunch me it's a huge example like if you go to the deli and get like lunch meat for sandwiches. That's really bad. It's
super process has all sorts of preservatives in it. Tons of sodium. Tons.
So if you even like that or if you're going to like I don't know talk about which I've got food poisoning from five times now.
I find is the last time he swears you said this every time but he swears he's never
ever there again. This last one was really bad five times I got three boys to talk about that's all process like they're gonna go out to eat. What I found is Chipotle has the best ingredients. They definitely do like they like and there actually is. Proof I mean, I don't know what type of proof is not anecdotal but it's like documented proof that they use the highest quality foods in their in their, in their in their beef. They're like their beasts the highest quality their vegetables are the highest quality and then,
right yeah, I think Taco Bell was like Taco Bell. Well,
you're not even sure if you're eating beef at that point. It might just be I don't dirt I don't know
how depressing that
could be something from McDonald's and other one people were there a lot and their food is ultra processed.
I just read somewhere that the fries have 19 different chemicals 19 I wonder why it gives me indigestion
before people say all the financial part. We literally just went to the Grocery Outlet, which is like I don't know, the equivalent of Aldi or Lidl or some dollar store like it's just it's like a
so they have good food but they skimp on the things that don't really matter. Like you pay for your own cart and you get your quarterback when you're done shopping you bring your own bags you they only have so many people unpatented Like they
actually so we go to Aldi a lot and they have if you stick to the outer wall of Aldi and then some
some I think that's per most stores, outer walls
and a couple of like the beans are pretty gory, but you can get organic unprocessed you can get brass bed normal form of free cage free, cruelty free eggs and stuff like that. So they have that on the grocery out and then we just do we just went to I was walking because we forgot our wallets like I had
to go home and I left them to the store to go browse which is probably a huge bad idea, considering I came back and get chocolate in the cart that I didn't realize I saw
I was looking we're walking around looking like there is a lot of quality foods in these places. You just have to have the determination and the willpower to like not get the bag of Doritos and get a bag of like we go to Wegmans Wegmans has avocado oil potato chips, the only ingredients in it are potatoes, avocado oil and sea salt. Yeah,
and they're seriously the best chips I think I've ever had. And I don't even like plane trips normally. They're phenom. I mean they do cost more but
so like to tell you get the swing of it. It does take a little bit longer to like look at the way like I think you have to look at the labels.
The actual back read the ingredient is there always some form of process cumbersome at times. There's something in there and I will say the enriched wheat flour is probably one of the worst things you can ingest because what they do is they basically process the crap out of it stripped roll its original nutrients and then they add that chemical nutrients to it, which the body does not react well to.
Like here's a prime example this came from I don't even know how to say that word. The good supposed to be behavioral but the brand spell. It's the Javier Orozco where they did a study of it was like 9000 people and they found out that poor health starts before you're a teenager you're actually more probable to invest in lottery tickets than you are in stocks and bonds. That one blew my mind. And it was like nine and it was like three I think it was almost three times more likely to invest in lottery tickets then stocks
I will tell you my dad buys lottery tickets all the freaking time and he sucks sodas down weed my brother calls him the candy man because he's like chewed on bubble gum. And so we're clear daddies, you're
supposed to start investing as early as possible not playing the lottery. I don't know. Like basically, before you invest in stocks you should invest in yourself. Because if you don't I have it written somewhere and it was hilarious. And most people don't have the balls to say, but if you don't take care of yourself, you're basically investing for your wife or your husband and your kids because you're gonna die. Chill, and that's all there is to it. You're gonna die early and they're going to spend all your money so even
and even if you do save a lot of money and your health gets declined, you're going to end up putting all that money into health costs. And it's like what was the point to begin with? It's
one of the one of the quotes somewhere but yeah, most people invest in their wealth and not their health. So later in life, they're investing they're investing in their in their health and no longer there well three it was I forgot I no longer have their wealth. I forget exactly how but there's other aspects like that's just like the precursor to investing like get a better diet get more sleep. I mean, one thing I didn't mention, but I thought it was so self explanatory is drink it shit on the water like water is essential like life were made up of like a 90% 90% 88 or 90% of water. So drink lots of water, have a good diet get good sleep, exercise from the stress. Do like I do mental exercise and like my mental exercises are like usually very difficult to do good puzzle or something like that. But you have to do you have to do something to keep your mind your mind to me is more than just an organ it's a muscle and you have to like muscle memory and they even
have to do because you can earn Bitcoin. That's what I do. Yeah.
But like so before you invest, do all that stuff. So that you're actually have some self awareness like my personality type doesn't very poor body aware so I can never tell if I'm hungry or I'm sick or tired. I'm even here, but like,
well, but here's the here's the other thing that most people don't realize and I've read this and so many health things that I've read. If you think we are full of crap that these types of foods make you swell and give you headaches and all this other stuff, or even the sleep aspect. There's there's something about the human body that adapts really fast and creates a new baseline. What that essentially means is that if you are constantly ingesting bad food and constantly not getting enough sleep, your body adjusts to thinking feeling sleep deprived is the new normal. So until you actually get on the good side of things and then screw up. You don't realize how bad you actually were consistently until you have that difference of experience to compare it to. And like I said before, I did not even realize how bad sugar was making me feel like I now know if I've eaten sugar even if it's like eating out somewhere because I instantly get flushed and I get headaches.
If I'm upset with food and so I I know the second that they had, that they could use so in someone like all the heads Yeah, so so when we go out to eat I have like I have a coconut aminos while I take everyone with
me. I know this the people at the church or the sushi places are always like we have no no gluten or no gluten soy. He's like nope, I want mine. I'm good coconut aminos are good.
Like I said it is cumbersome to like
it kind of becomes a way of life. And once you feel so good. You really don't want to go back to feeling like
what was the study where they said if you had to do some 20 times or something like that for it to become a habit. I think
that actually depends on the person and what it's tied to because your habits can be tied or tied to an emotional was
even way harder. You can survive like a month or two with like a high water low pop. High quality foods low processed, it's getting more sleep if it's possible. I know people's kids like it's it is what it is and then exercise and if you can do that for a month or two you're going to become it's going to become ingrained and then you'll actually have better health because the next part we're going to talk about is what the x to actual stock market can do to you if you're not healthy. So if you don't have the good health to stand on before you invest then you're kind of shooting
yourself in the foot screw himself or about feet and your hands well
this is like a few a few subscribe for the emails in the newsletter. The newsletter in December is going to be all about behavioral finance. I find it fascinating as to psychological biases and traits that investors
use to self rationalize and certain fan
like how they are a detriment. Most of the time it's very fascinating but and they basically are they tried to try to explain how emotional and cognitive patterns effect or effect effective as a factor. Investing habits.
It hasn't like that effect.
People who have money riding on performances have a system they have no control over tend to get stressed because they have no control. We are like creatures of habit and have one of our habits is controlling our environment.
Well that goes back to the powerlessness development ship in upbringing there's there's a whole psychological thing for that
but if you think about it, like a majority of the people that are invested in the stock market are unhealthy to begin with. So if you go in with the logical mindset, okay, I have a bunch of people that are emotional and irrational investing. That actually is a helpful tool to use to your advantage just knowing that like if, say, a company beats its earnings, it beats on its revenue beats on all of its sales and the stock still goes down. Don't be discouraged and then yourself become emotional sell a really good company because the the herd which is a bias the herd mentality. The herd has been stupid, you know that the company is good and you've read all the stuff and you listen to the listen to their earnings report and you know that you actually own a good company. In that case. It's a perfect buying opportunity because they're overreacting and it's unhealthy. People are reacting,
because they're listening and they're panicking. They're doing whatever because their emotions are just right on the cough because diet, lack of sleep.
Whenever it's so bad that actually had the coin a phrase that I guess is a real condition raised they've actually made it a disorder. Stock market anxiety is a finance related to financial anxiety disorder.
They actually created a subset even though they have the same symbols and everyone
experienced extreme worry overstock stock market trends, ironically, and it's not just when stock prices fall, they get all weird when the stock market
goes up, but like both sides of it, right? It's the FOMO concept.
What's gonna happen is there a bunch there's a bunch of people currently they're like, they're all like, Oh, I'm into I'm into CDs, and I'm into safe bonds. What what they're going to have the stock market anxiety in 2024 because the stock market's going to go up and if you listen to a couple months ago, I was wrong about October I said October goes sideways October went down but I said November is gonna go up November has shot up and I think December is going to shoot up. But November shot up, so I was 50%. And if you're sitting in a 5% CD, or a 6% CD, or you're sitting in a 5% financial treasury, you're gonna get not the FOMO but you're gonna have the regret of like, oh my god, the stock market's 12% in November and I'm sitting in this 5% Crap, so you're missing out on 7% growth plus the dividends. And that's when that's how I stock market anxiety actually presents when the prices are good. Yeah, fear of missing out. It's not missing out. It's that they pigeonhole themselves, really,
they're missing out to the greed and the Fear Index. You have both sides of the extreme. That's why it's called the fear and greed index. It's you want to be greedy so you're not getting enough where you're having fun Well,
the one of the biggest aspects is where the guests come up with this was like a 2000 pay when all hell broke loose, like there's so many people depressed. This might be a thing and might and so they came but like, there's depression and anxiety among investors is like how this started and what they found, and what they've actually tied to the stock market anxiety is a bunch of symptoms, loss of appetite, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, indigestion, diarrhea and nausea, headaches, muscle aches, irritability,restlessness chest pain raising heart rising blood pressure sounds like I'm selling a pharmaceutical product right now. Side effects may include diarrhea, spontaneous death, it'll leak no leakage or death.
I literally was taking I forget it was like years ago before I cut out like modern medicine and went to the naturalist horrible list of way. I was taking some medicine and like I read that I was reading the side effects the side effects and they said this is may cause no wicked or death and I was like, what?
How? There's the same sentence. I love the uncontrollable bowel movements, but weak so bad that you just die think about that. I don't think they're necessarily conjoined but that's how it was phrased, you know, oh my god, they missed a call.
So I've seen that all those are actual symptoms of stock market anxiety which to me are this all the same? The symptoms of stress and anxiety in general so I don't know that it necessarily matters what the underlying causes you're healthy and you resilient your research. Like we've said over and over and over, don't just buy something, but if you're doing the research ahead of time, and then you're and you're doing a checkup, like once a quarter whenever your stocks report their earnings just to verify that they're still really healthy. You're even if they go down, you should you should avoid all this because you know, it's a quality company and it's just irrationality and investors Well, so here's the thing that that we didn't touch upon. And none of these studies really talked about if you really dig down into what anxiety actually is, which is what all that stuff comes from anxiety literally is fear of the unknown. And the subconscious essentially telling you that something needs to change whether it's prompting you to gain more information or to make a different decision. Dammit.
No, no.
I swear to God he puts that next to them like every time. Ironically, the odd thing they're really good at we don't actually have sponsorship from them, but they don't have a tobacco lease and um, and they don't have any sugar or anything like that. So they're their nicotine patches tobacco free. I don't know what all chemicals are in them, but it's definitely a step better than cigarettes and it's definitely a step better than vaping so we've talked about it before decay my mouth and that doesn't mean it's not like gross nasty chew my gums and everything I'm actually surprised you didn't pluck ball bellow but the whole carbonation Colin Bravo I put before like we actually do have a referral code for ball bellows if you want that the message one of us and like actually give the gun in the show notes because it's freaking awesome. It's, it's a so I was reading a health study that was talking about for every cup of carbonation like the carbon dioxide that you drink, you actually need to drink I think it was 26 it was either 24 or 26 cups of regular water to help the lungs actually expel the carbon dioxide chemical because it's technically a toxin from your system. that's mind blowing. Now bello is actually has a different kind of carbonation. Do you remember off the top of your head what the heck it is? Okay. Is it is it Hydrogen?
Hydrogen bicarbonate or something's hydrogen based carbonation. Yeah, so it has a different kind of carbonation. It's got a crap ton of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, like and it actually tastes pretty freakin good. So it's got the bubbly aspect that he likes. The aspect it has all the void like not all the vices but it has most of your B vitamins which are super important. I still have to take my my d3 and whatever but I think each flavor has slightly different and then nutrition, the pina colada ones and the limited who haven't eliminated have actual like amino acids in them like the GABA and one other amino acids and and all them so he loves them except for the black cherry. But you can't get them in like individual packs, but you're sure tolerable favorites, the peach mango mango peach is the shit.
Pardon my language. So it is like it is a really good healthy alternative for something that I gather. If you buy them in bulk. They're very affordable. I just spent $128 for like one I want to say four months supply and the striking how many of the two. Okay, and I know Gatorade just came out with a healthy fit variation. And honestly, I was I'm usually anti like that kind of stuff, but looks like they've pivoted I was looking at the ingredients cuz my dad was drinking one the other day. It really doesn't have anything bad in it. But boilers are like $2 a piece or 329 So you're getting you're actually getting more with the barbell. At some cents per warms. I mean, like one pack like they're going one of the people that we work with. I gave him one Sunday probably like this and he did and I said when you mix it together, don't mix it all because you're supposed to put one pack in a 16.9 ounce bottle of water which is way too much if you cut it in half, you actually can get 33 ounces of water or 34 whatever that is depends on your taste palate, I would assume that you're just coming off soda you might need more flavor but you really don't need that much when you're just sipping and I like the pina colada one but it's not too carbonated that it screws up my digestive so I actually like the Bob LOL, but not as much as 10 years ago. He wakes up he's like oh my elbow.
Like I gotta give him props. He's switched that out. He switched up and stupid nicotine crap out. He used to vape vape he was horrible. And he used to eat like a lot of sugar and that was horrible.
Horrible I eat a lot of dairy and that was horrible. Like I don't like we're talking blocks of cheese. I don't think my boy I don't think I have a dairy problem per se but I was consuming probably like, I want to say like a third of 40% of my diet was dairy and then the rest was like when he wondered why he had the crashes. So I was like I was a vegetarian for probably like eight or nine years. I didn't eat any meat but I was eating like real cheese like every every day or every other day. So there you go. There's a big block of cheese on two pieces of bread. No, girl.
So that but what I was actually doing is what a perfect segue what I was actually actually doing when I was eating that crap food is coping. Yes. And what happens when you get when you suffer from anxiety in general. But we're talking about stock market anxiety is you cope some way shape or form you cope. you cope I run into food as well. Substance abuse, overspending, hoarding, bad habits, compulsions, obsessions like there's so many different way with any coping mechanism, like some people will ride a bike for like 300 miles because they're trying to cope, which is Pat, I mean, but there is such a thing as over exercising so that could be bad. Like yeah, and it's it really depends on the person and that's the that's the most insidious piece of some of these like quote unquote substance abuses and some of these compulsions, like overworking is actually an OCD compulsion that is unhealthy past a certain point. Like if you're working more than eight hours a day, the returns actually diminish and your cognitive and there's tons and tons and tons of frickin scientific anecdotal evidence that proves that as a thing. So what you're basically doing when you cope if we want to break this down simplistically your brains like oh my god, I'm so anxious. I'm so like, I don't know what's going on my brain your brain is freaking out. Right? Can you cope? you're releasing the dopamine to make yourself feel good to self offset the whatever's going on in your brain. Yeah, and it depending on how bad your brain is. Depending on the stress, the stress or adrenaline cortisol is Yeah, then you're just gonna have to cope more and more and more. That's how you start with like, you drink like, I don't know, four shots a day and it becomes a fifth we've just had the thing is most people again, don't realize this. I have seen multiple people with addictions that I've been working with through the whole health thing. The addiction is there for a reason. It's actually because the underlying emotion or the thing that's causing that continuous chronic emotion of disease hasn't been fixed. So and that's probably where this whole find it. Like I wouldn't be surprised if majority of people's underlying problems are financial related, financial stress related, or potentially having to work at a job they cannot stand it's crushing their soul, which is the category I was in and you don't realize that this was underlying chronic stress like I had burnout so freakin bad. So forgive that 95% of most people's anxiety comes from money, and that is the thing so if you're not taking action to fix that, like that's never gonna go away. You're always gonna have addiction. You're always gonna have these other things. I'm pretty sure that most people the other big one that I think is most people's problem is staying in a relationship. That is actually toxic for the either the convenience of it. The fact that you have kids together, or house together or some other financial complication. There's just too much about them today, again, to leave in today's world where you can't afford to actually stay in a crappy relationship than it is to get divorced. Those are the big ones. Like if I really had to pin it down to the root of people's privacy even think crappy relationships, like a majority of those are financially related. I think, like if I had to pinpoint one thing, it's finance. Yeah, that's money, money. Money rules, everything because people allow it to rule everything because they're not using it as a tool. They're using it as a crutch or a life's like a life thing. I don't know. It's it's almost like they're looking at it too short term. They don't realize that money can actually compound like if you like, literally pretend you're a credit card company. You can literally make 23% interest literally, literally, literally, literally, literally literally 23% interest off other people off those businesses and like you assume the role of the credit company or you assume the role of the bank that lent you the money for your house and you make that interest with no effort by no means first of all that like we never actually prefaced, we don't have a lot of money. So we're like, we need to put that out there because like, sometimes it's like, oh, it's really easy to talk about money and do this and do that because you have a lot of it. We don't have a lot of people that do that though. Yeah, it's easy. I made 20 grand this month because we don't have a lot but we know how to maximize the little we have to make the most that we that's why we don't have to work 90 hours a week. What if you're gonna have an addiction? I love this segway we were just talking on the way back from the grocery store, the Grocery Outlet. I think we were just talking about how Tim was starting to put more money in bullet shares from his tiny account because he was socking a bunch of money away and worthy and we just pivoted over to the board shares because the board share interest went up. And actually speaking of worthy it just jumped up at seven but the bull shares are like seven and a half. But when he was at 5.5, it jumped to six because there was a promo announced seven I think through the end of 2025, November 2024. Okay, I haven't got one year you get a year of 7% interest and where are they? Which is pretty sick, actually. But he does not make a lot of money like probably less than 30,000 a year. That's well, there's like I think 20,000 Last year was really low 23,000 And granted, I pay most of the bills but he does still buy groceries and certain things often on here and cat food to say our huge fat fat. I mean, I have one with between the two of us we have maybe 44,000 Yeah, so it's not a ton and we have already has bought shares up to like $3,000 More than 3000 butchers and I just started that in
August round my birthday. And I have 6000 worthy and I have 1000 and Stuart which is basically you just lend out to different different businesses that you find a pie in and they give you like a 7% a percent 5% Whatever. Like the one I just invested in was a farm in Montana that's trying to do all small sustain up, awesome, sustainable, sustainable, sustainable, sustainable all sustainable farming. And they're using the money to actually pay off their loan so that they can then not have to worry about it's really really cool. consolidate all their loans for the big farm and the one thing but essentially the whole point of that is if you really want to do something or if you actually start seeing the positive and your money growing, it can become addictive to actually save money. And that's where I was going to segue with Tim's addiction. His newest addiction is hoarding money apparently, or socking money away into investments.
It doesn't really have an OCD component to it. So it's not really that big of a deal, but it's fun, isn't it? It's more fun than spending it. That's what I mean. I actually think it's like if you train your brain to actually get a dopamine hit from actually seeing that passive income come in. And you're helping these small businesses. I have the innate ability to actually be able to see beyond this week. I see like, five years from now 10 years from now that everything that I'm doing now is going to make it so that I can do whatever the hell I want to do if 10 years from now. Yeah, and I really hope that's the goal with no job like I'll just be volunteering at places going this seems fun. Let me try it out for a week. I don't worry about the other day work in that.
What was it it wasn't Apple footlocker Oh, it's footlocker drove by footlocker has a corporate office down the road so that'll probably be fun for like a day or two. Just to see like wow, like the advertising goes and like the like the accounts billing and all that there. That's not a place where the healing it's gonna be boring if it probably wouldn't be but I want to be there for like a day or two. Like I've had enough of this shit. About what that's like. Because what I'm doing now I'm going to be I'm going to have the opportunity to do that later on. Where I was like, I feel like working in an orchard for a week just to do because I never did it or I feel like picking up like trash on the trail because we're hiking just because like I'm the stuff or I feel like volunteering that like an animal shelter. Like I can do that because money won't be a problem because I've actually taken the time and came up with a plan, which we've actually never really identified but you do need a financial like blueprint at some point of some sort to guide to follow like I have a financial plan. I know exactly how much I want and worthy I know how much I want bought shares. I know how much I want to steward and I know how much I want my checking account and I just opened up a Roth with my retirement. So I'm a dumbed down. Yeah, but getting the retirement retirement from the turnpike or if you're not actually was able he worked for the state for 10 years, somewhere like eight years. So he's actually getting a pension which I find fascinating cuz I worked for the federal government for 11 and a half years and I couldn't withdrawal on a pension until I gave him the audit to me will give you more money if you don't withdraw for like so many years. It will give you like a little like a little bit, but not him is nine to 170. So he makes 170 a month passively for life and if he dies, I think I inherited you get to tell you that okay, so that to us, if you do the math, like I think he's making out our goal and we just we just plugged it into that thing. I'm not sure if you've she gave you access to they have a retirement calculator and we start with $200 and we add the 170 and we grow it at like our normal 10 to 14% range. It's gonna be like $600,000 By the time I'm 75 but that is consistently putting that in every month and that's not even that much one. I think he's we round it up to 200 Or do we leave it at 187? We did the 170. And then I said, Well, what if I then I said what happens if I just put 200 then so I started with 300 that I took out on my wells instead of putting that extra 100 in the butcher's I put 300 into the rod and then I went up to 200 a month and it's going to be like I like $1.1 million by the time I'm 75 so he just keeps doing that monthly and letting it compound. I think we only did it at 10% And if he just looks like go it's like 600 400 or 600,000 1 million. Excuse me. Literally just literally literally literally literally literally been watching how about your mother having you mean figuratively? No, I mean literally, I'm literally going to kill you.
But that's just like, that's a simple thing of money that otherwise I would be wasting or I don't know I'm computer games or stupid shit basically, we have we have like when we do our budget we have the TSS which is 10 stupid shit. And that is actually part of our budget and like that's what I would be it would be Chipotle would be I literally have bread on that list. Literally Damn it. I keep doing it.
I am the same person I talked with Robin It's probably why I say it all the time. But the bread and butter bread on the list we put his Cheetos on the list we put chips on the list and I'll actually want but no my sweet because I do have a sweet tooth occasionally and we've been kind of we found this really good cheesecake with non dairy. Dairy cheesecake. It is the bomb yo they were out of it and we just totally binge ate it after two days and we're back for another one and they don't have a huge bag of cereal and only have seven grams of sugar. So there you go. You can actually have cereal and not kill yourself. Probably are eating more than one serving size when you do there's 26 in that bag so maybe three still below the 25 but that's one area like so I go back to what I saying you have to have like a plan like my plan is to have X X X X and to get there I know I'm gonna have to sacrifice I don't know it's computers, stupid computer. Game for like a couple of months or or not needed to pull away but like twice a month instead of like, twice a week or whatever it's going to be like I'm but I have a French taco truck. I have a plan that I'm going to get to where I'm going and that goes back to like I think one of the components that everybody listening Your plan should be not to spend your freakin tax refund to put your tax refund in investments. I can't stress how much if we put that in a calculator. And if you just use your like the average tax refund and you do that for 30 years, you're gonna have like two and a half to $3 million in a Roth for money that like you don't really need that people use it as like a 13 month paychecks which that one simple shift, not banking on that tax return can literally be literally be your retirement. So we don't even have to have like extra savings and stuff per month. You can just do that other thing. Once a year. It's great like, I don't know, like I can't stress enough how important it is to actually have a plan because we don't have a plan. You're gonna stress out Have we finished the stress talk. If you don't have a plan, you're not going to stick to it. You're going to deviate from it. You may actually okay a month or two of it but because you don't have a concrete plan in your mind, you're not going to follow it and you're going to have like a Roth of like 600 hours to do basil and you're gonna succumb to the stress and the emotions of the new we want you to be one of those that relies on Social Security. If it's even there when you hit it, I would not bank on that. So we should be wrapping it up.
The overlords never want you to know any of this. That's all I pretty sure that's why you don't read about this or hear about this or see this in any publication or in any news because the overlords want you all to be unhealthy and to make Radek funding and investment decisions because they make their money when you make bad trading decisions to say so I make the most money when people are stupid.
I'm paraphrasing but he makes his most money when people are stupid and they sell stocks. I show this up. Yeah. And guess what 90 I think I've seen everywhere from 90 to 99% of people lose money when they invest in trade. So maybe if you eat better and actually get some sleep, more sleep than you're doing. Follow the advice like if you don't follow like my phrases that sound like a D bag if you follow like the advice on how we say research look for the revenue look for the revenue increases look for the dividend creases, look for the payout ratio. If you follow all that advice and not so much like the tickers I throw out because some of them they're gonna be misses. It's just the nature of the game but if you follow the unlike the principle of what I'm saying you're going to find good companies and like I'm like a majority of what I offer is good except for the yo Max's they are crazy. And we can we've caveat about though like don't get in those. If you're risk averse. We're testing we're still just read on Twitter. Oh man, the ultimate this guy was a check. Oh, just said investing is like a pencil sharpener. Don't stick your dick in more than you're willing to lose.
And it's so true like think of him with the yield max those are what we call risky assets. And I mean there's some people that have made 40% off I just saw on Twitter some dude put in $10,000 begin the year and the Tesla one is up 40 Some percent power to him but like you never know when that's going to stop or sleepy stick to like the utility stocks that can grow their dividends every year. Like Like I said NDPs like 18 years UTI is 17 or 19 years horizons 19 year like these ones, pay a really good dividend, not like the 10% but if you have a base of say Verizon ugi NTP and then you start investing in some closed ended funds that have 12 or 13%. And he started investing in some of the REITs and the BDCs that have 14 to 16% you can see how the risk is actually negated because you have a majority of your money in your core utilities and then your that all have a track record. And then you have maybe one to 5% of your portfolio. You can take some of those risks with the stuff like yield max. And that's the whole point. You don't put all your eggs in one basket and you don't put majority of your eggs in something risky because then you lose your dick to the pencil sharpener. What I'm saying if you follow the principles of research, research is super important. And if you don't want to do the research, I have researched my deck off so that's as we said before you can literally message him everything that I've recommended I've actually been in I've never like I don't recommend stuff that I actually don't what I'm trying to say without using the word literally was you can just send him a text message you can guess I do anywhere you finally get an email he prefers email Cosby responds like in the computer all the time, but he responds to everything he takes every message you guys send seriously or watch we do the research and response is an awesome question. I'll actually put it in an email or newsletter or a podcast like I mean I want you guys to be show good at this. You don't have to listen to me in five years. And I mean honestly like I know people want to grow their audience but I would love if you were so good. You didn't have to listen to me. Then you were making so much money. You can be like Hi Tim. I made like 100,000 Last year in dividends. I'd be like rock on and then we never talked again. That'd be that'd be ideal. That'd be so awesome. I'd be so proud of you. So that is that that's what I want and part of that is take care of yourself. You have to invest in yourself. Be healthy. If you don't have the mental clarity, then you're going to have to rely on some dudes like me to tell you what to do. Do do you think you're better than most of the other dudes out there putting stuff out? Yeah, they they suck. They're not really good. But I pay for I just paid for a trip that's on it. And I paid $27 And it was supposed to be like I was supposed to be able to watch all the speakers and I couldn't like I can only watch one it was the keynote speaker and he talked for like an hour and 40 minutes an hour and 40 minutes to sell a stupid program for like $500 I was like are you kidding me? Right now. What I took from that though is I actually have a maybe if you invest in crypto, you're gonna like to hear this. Every time there's a Bitcoin having six months prior to the halving This is the fourth one is the fourth time it's happened six months prior to the halving. You can see the bottom and it starts to shoot up. We that's what's happening right now. In crypto by the crypto that you want and then you have to do the research for the all coins all coins are hit or miss like that's the that's the pencil shepherd in the penis and like he just take some shots at some all coins. I found one that I think it's gonna be pretty good. Yeah, I'll do it. Don't do it. I don't know yet. But I did find time coin way back when it was like they're still hard to get into before they're actually on the common exchanges like it is such a good one even if you just invest in the best ones like Aetherium and Bitcoin bitcoins going to shoot up probably two extra money with Aetherium will probably be three extra money so that's that's what you like because that's what we haven't never taught her mom has a retirement and I trust the whole Bitcoin because this your mom has two Bitcoins, Bitcoins. She has a retirement and I trust she has like 10 or 11 Aetherium so if that's what you like, you're still gonna make a lot of money and that was because every time this is like I said the fourth time like six months prior you can see the price of Bitcoin is shooting up and the all coins actually shoot up more than Bitcoin does. So I and then they said after that having which happens i i want to say April that I don't know exactly after the having 1218 months is when the top comes in, and then you sell everything which sell everything or you can hold on to if you want, but if you're looking to make a shit ton of money, then I would sell everything at the 1218 months and then wait for the bear market to hit again and then you see the halving come in and 2028 and then you just do the same thing. And like November I actually like this November of 2027 You just start loading up on all this stuff again and then you do that repeat recycle repeat recycle repeat and you'll be like usually have so much money you will actually fly me out to wherever you are.
free foods the best food Yeah, we missed out or made mistakes going in and now that we have this data we're gonna implement going forward. Yeah, we're gonna make a lot of my crypto because I saw the I've seen the pattern the pattern is reliable and, and the ETF the Bitcoin ETF will probably be beginning in 2024 when that happens, Bitcoin will be scarce or the sort of prices would come or shoot up and once the Bitcoin ETF comes out Aetherium has like four or five companies trying to do an Aetherium ETF once once the Bitcoin one comes out if there and we'll pass that through it will shoot up and then and the reason that that's going to shoot up is because they actually need to hold assets in their account they have to have app they have to have the Bitcoin and Aetherium and their accounts to be that part of that ETF so they actually be still be buying up although the loose point if you guys aren't familiar with this Bitcoin only has so many tokens 21 million at the end. So it has a cap which is why it is scarce, which is why it is very very similar to the gold situation where there is a scarcity thing which is why the price you know that basic economics person demand thing once ETF launches and it's in Bitcoin it's really going to drive on right you're moving the bar. No, not necessarily hurts. But they're just saying that especially if they're doing what they do is they actually will friend they'll print out they print out and they're like the government offer not more theory of anytime that the supply gets too scarce. So their price is never going to be like the Bitcoins. I could see and I don't know 2040 2050 Being near a million dollars. That makes a lot of sense to me. So if you have one bitcoin theorem the most people don't realize is like the I don't think they fixed the exchange costs. So like when they transfer stuff on the Ethereum network, it costs so much money to do the trade. That's where a lot of these alt coins are up and coming their networks are a lot more cheap and a lot more efficient. Which is why there's like a theory I'm still not quite there. The reason I have a theory was because I got it like 1809 but I think Aetherium is working on that problem. And Celsius still has it. But I don't even want to talk about the whole sales. I'm getting it back at some point. You guys want to talk about Kryptos for a whole episode we can totally do I got a theory and when it was $18 I haven't been able to touch it in the last year with the shell bankruptcy and they froze everybody's frickin assets. We have like so much theory of the show in there that I got for $18 I think I got the second one for like, I think $179 I ended up so much in my theory. I can't touch it. It is so irritating, but I finally settled that so I should be able to get the honor no but majority of that stuff but I'm actually quite good at crypto as I just don't have the time to do all I used to go devote all my time to this the dividend stocks. So that people but if you do want to hear about crypto, let us know and we'll do our gladly do that. Like I'll tell you exactly what to look for. I'll tell you best. The best coins I'll tell you all that stuff so that's up to you if you if you guys want a cryptocurrency podcast, let me know a little masterclass, we can totally do that. I just learned a lot from watching this stupid infomercial first.
Alright, we're gonna wrap it up before we roll over the hour, even though this is like a half free cocoa half health data where the show Oh, I hope they learn I mean like it is important. If not, then just tell us and we won't do any more health episodes. I don't know.
Okay, so you guys want to hear that? Or do the crypto or whatever just reach out to us on one of our platforms that we're on even though we're not super active. Like I just haven't had time. You can still message me. message us we'll get back to you. Or if you just shoot him an email that works too. So hope you guys enjoyed it.
See you next week.