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024 - What We Learned From Our Biggest Stock Losses In 2023

December 19, 2023 Tim & Carmela Episode 24
Roaming Returns
024 - What We Learned From Our Biggest Stock Losses In 2023
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Most people avoid their failures because they're painful. Pain sucks, but forcing yourself to asses things will provide a lot of important information to help you learn so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. 

Our biggest losing stocks in 2023.

  • CWH we're down 44%
  • IEP is down 53%
  • QRTEP was down 15% until the recent rally; now we're up 3.56%
  • UAN is down 15%
  • MPW we're down a whopping 40%

What's crazy is that we have been up double digit percents in all of these at some point, but things can change at the drop of a dime with news and sentiment shifts. 

If you're using our investing approach, dividends and reinvesting minimizes a good chunk of your losses.  

The more you evaluate your failures and hone your process, the better you'll become at investing and the less money you'll lose.  

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Welcome to Roaming Returns, a podcast about generating a passive income through investing so that you don't have to wait till retirement to live your passions.

In today's episode we're gonna talk about the epic fails in our portfolio for 2023. We got some doozies. Like we're talking 50 60% losses. You don't usually hear a lot of people talking about their losses, but we're fully open about it and we'll explain why it's not the end of the world and why we're going to hold this. And while we would have made the exact same decisions, knowing what we know now, so kick back and get ready to laugh. Welcome back, everybody.
Yes, this is not the fun episode.
This is the fun episode.
Oh, it's not what happened. I admit I failed. Oh, like
admitting you failed. Particularly. When you just found out this morning. You didn't actually screw up? I
did, but I didn't. I did, but I didn't.
And there goes to seltzer water or water.
I'm starting early tonight. Okay, so this episode of the podcast is going to be about things that we did in 2023 that weren't quite productive shit. The bed? Yes. I was having a conversation and I said they're there. They performed like territory this year. So these are our third picks. Are they really turrets they performed like
they might be turds now.
Yeah, they were bad. Like super bad. All right,
come on. Click your frickin Num Nums
so the first one we will talk about is Camping World CW H still a good stock I still own it. I still tell people that it's a good stock and that they should own it. The dividends trash now because they cut the dividend to cut their 80% they to pay back their debt because of like in 2023. They bought like 19 dealerships so like, they just they expanded their business so much that
they turn into a growth company basically. So they had to cut their dividend. And
I was asking myself what if would I have made this choice again, and then I went and looked at the chart, I bought it in July, July of 2023. We bought Camping World and I went back and looked at the chart and what I did is I tried to use the what was called and they do the technical
indicators. Yes
the technical stuff with the charts. This is the highlight this is why I don't do it because I think it's trash. But I used the technical approach and I waited for it to bottom out and after bad news it bottomed out. Then it climbed for like three weeks up and then it did one of those correction pullbacks and then it started climbing again. So I bought it on this when it started like I've made sure that it was going up and I bought it on the way back up. We've got it for $30.50 It's at which at the time was an awesome price. And after we got it for like three weeks it went straight up I was like do cackle whoa I'm a genius.
And then he was walking around saying how much of a genius he was peacock
and I was like yeah, check out my check out my my peacock feathers, plume of feathers. Your plumage and then they had an earnings report and in the earnings report, they said we have too much debt for buying every dealership we can find. So we're gonna cut the dividend by 80% and the stock like tanked. So then I had to reassess, reassess if it was still good company and it is. And even though it's not like what I would invest in for income, like it only yields 9% at the current level, which is still pretty good,
but really it's a 9% Yeah, even with the 8% Wow, how much was it before was like
almost 20% Damn, that's how much it within a price. So they cut it cut the dividend to 13 cents Yeah 12.125 The cut the dividend 13 cents. So that was that was garbage. And once they did that, like the shared like the prices, the share price just plummeted. It was like it was like it was like almost at $40 and it fell all the way down to like 50 So I grabbed a couple more shares. Just you know for sags.
If you don't know what sags is shirts, shirts and giggles sags. Do you have the drip turned on on that one? Yes.
I will have the drip turned on forever. I'm not worrying about getting shit we only accumulated
we do think that's a good one we've dropped
by half a half a share drip reinvestment. I'd like I like it.
So it's my question is are being a macro trend.
I could be like because we discussed the macro trends like the older farts are all retiring and ready to do stuff so they might can they don't like vans and things of that nature say like RV so I'm assuming and what are the last I had last I read a camping world in November they are getting rid of all the US Army's in their dealerships. They put them on sale and everything to get rid of them. So now they're going to have some new ones coming in 2012 larger profit margins. So they are they're going to have better better numbers. But we are down in that about 40% So that's a 2023
Yeah, so it was after 20 July. And that is that what the dividend reinvesting?
Yes. So July, August, September, October, in five months, we lost 40% of our investment. Yeah, that's what not to do. Because dumpster
fire number one, but we wouldn't have the pre notion that that was going to happen like was there any indicators at all I
went back I looked at chart and like I like I did it right. But
even in their quarterly is that they even hinted they were going to
say like in the first quarter when they were going to buy anymore but like their debt was it was an area where it was like the gray area but then they said we're buying more and we're cutting dividends because we had too much debt and all hell broke loose and that was that for that one.
But even after they said that they kept buying stuff we're just like what are you doing?
They did they buy they just bought one in October and bought another dealership they're they're cuckoo, kicking for our media? Well, I think they just want to be a monopoly. Like they're gonna be like the only RV dealership. Can't
say it's a bad thing. And we were on our Halloween trip we actually stumbled across the camping world dealership, which was kind of fun to actually see some of the stuff and practical, real world. It was closed because it was after hours but just so
it was a bad in that regard, but we'll probably hold this one for at least 10 years maybe longer because I want to see how it plays out because it really really
so if you're a fresh investor though, would this be one that would catch your eye I think 9% is actually pretty good considering we're in the whole van life. personal interest area.
All right. For nomads Yeah, that might be something that something that they know they can like research into like Oh, okay that they have good products, but like would I own now, as a fresh investor and others better? You can actually just get a closed ended fund that has Camping World and if you want camping world rather than by Kevin Walker,
okay, so you do not recommend to jumping in unless you already have your butt on fire.
I do not recommend this one for anybody ever. Never will probably not tell.
Do you think it's going to spike up with your prediction for 2024?
I think we'll have a lot better numbers because they're going to probably refinance their debt at lower interest rates. So we'll have more more capital and more free cash flow, they might actually raise the dividend from 13 to 20 cents and 2024. So
I'd be really curious to revisit this one after 2024 and see what the heck it does. So
what we're going to keep track of all we keep track of all of our all of our investments in this this spreadsheet here there's like shitting everywhere you go, you guys would be like, like what is going on with this?
But yeah, that's a 10 spreadsheet. I got nothing to do with that. Yeah, so
that was kind of your moral bad
and would not do again, even though we technically did everything right. Sometimes you just get what do you call them thinkers? Yeah, sometimes you just end up with stinkers. And this is a huge reason. Do you not put all your eggs in one basket? Right? You really have no idea what these companies are doing in their internal meetings until
their earnings reports I always say Well, maybe you want to pay attention to the earnings reports. I do pay attention. You cannot predict and they do a remarkable job of masking negative stuff and earnings reports. You literally have to dig and dig and dig and dig and dig. And I don't have time for all that. So second one is icon. I'm super upset about icon but we've had this one since 2021. So this really wasn't a 2020 2023 Oopsy. Daisy. This was a I probably should have sold it. When the news came out from that short report saying that their assets were inflated and they couldn't afford their dividend and all that stuff. But true. Do they had to cut their dividend like pretty much pretty much right question.
Did we have a bias? Did you have a bias that I can't such a good company the overconfidence thing, and you really disregarded that whole thing? No,
I didn't have a bias I like because like I wouldn't in your mom's kind of I saw most of them. I sold all of her stuff at a loss and then I bought some shares back up after the dust settled she's still down some and then but she's not down like we are. It's too good of a dividend like it's a literally $1 per share.
Even with the massive cut, what was that? 140 $22 To $1 So 50% cut there
probably will cut that in the future, I assume, to 50 cents, which would be my guess really? Yeah. Why? Because if the share price is still going down after today's 1540
Oh, yeah. Okay, so the Yeah, it makes sense if they have to cut if the price keeps going down. They can't afford to keep paying the same amount of dividend because that'll make it like way higher there
will be like but they own their like, emitted miniature Berkshire Hathaway
and that's one of the reasons we like them and we've done a lot of research on Carl Icahn, which is the guy that runs the whole thing and he's dude I have good faith in that guy.
So if you if you ever look at what icon, they are when like automotive they own like a housewares they own obviously energy because you have to be energy like energy heavy to be in an MLP they have insurance that's insurance and like I said, they have like they have like, little bit of everything. And like I said, like I mentioned Berkshire Hathaway, but his
specialty is basically taking businesses and like turning them around so that they're profitable.
So we bought this in 2021. So I really don't have numbers for it. We're down for the year. I know that we're down 50% Since we bought it and 2021 now is
that with dividend reinvestment Yes.
So we're down to like 80% With that the dividend reinvest he
was just talking the other day because it keeps falling when everything else bumped up during this struggle
with struggling like the last, the last after the Fed said we're gonna probably cut what we have interest rate cuts in 2024. Like everything shot up at icon content. So that's struggling.
But you did some more research today. Didn't you say you someone else something that could very well be the culprit of that?
I don't remember. Really.
So he was saying that he thinks that because it was such a dumpster fire. For the year that a lot of the people who are in it, probably dumped it to take advantage of the end of tax year losses.
Tax harvest loss. That's what it's called Tax harvest. What that is, if you're not familiar is if you have a stinker, you don't have it at the end of the year, a year in December, and that
offsets your gains from your other stocks. So it incentivizes you from a tax perspective to pay less taxes
and you can't buy it for 30 days for some stupid SEC rules. But after 30 days, we'll see if the people buy back. So that
is the question. So if they're liquidating it makes sense why icon did not go up when everything else went up because people were doing that whole harvesting situation. So we'll see in January if it really comes up to the normal flow of flow of things. So
just to give you an idea of how big of a shitstorm this one is. We bought it in 2021 for $58.60. And that was a really good buy. It was it was generally in the 60s and 70s. We got to 5860 That was super awesome. It trades at 1540 right now. So
that would have been a heck of a bigger loss. Right? What's the difference? Let me get my foot
and we have a decent math. So many like we have 128 shares is all we bought. We have 280 shares, that's how much dividend reinvestment we've had in this one, which is
we'd be like asset over teacup So would you say it's 15 something right now?
It's 1540
If teen what was the starting 5860 to 73.7%
Drop. Yeah, and we're only down the 2% The 3% So that's the magic of dividend reinvesting.
So you get 20% Whenever you have a shit one, but we have like I said we have 150 additional shares 100 Almost 160 additional shares through the years dividend
reinvestment shares 120 How many right now?
279.8. That's
118.6% increase of share. quantity.
So when I was looking through this portfolio to get prepared, prepared for this, what I came across is we aren't up near as much as the s&p. And if you compare your income portfolio to the s&p, you're doing it wrong because you're generally never going to be at the same level as s&p It's just how it is
because it's value versus income oh
there's a difference or shares have just went crazy this year. Yes,
share increases are a lot better and years that are sideways or down. Yeah,
like ry LD like we like add through the years we found that held balance is 2021 We only have 32 shares left to sell. Were at 200 208 shares. That's pretty crazy. Oconee County we've actually we have 16 shares that we don't want that at all profit share stock, literally just letting that do what it's going to do. Oh my god Hercules capitals and other mobile we just have so many shares.
Are we supposed to be doing these as opposed to sticking to the three dumpster fires?
Over whose capital we made like 70 shares? I'm sorry, I'm just saying like it's something if you have a shit year,
don't freak out. Don't
freak out. Look at how much you've gained. I know it takes it's very difficult to do because when you log into the portfolio that always has that red number like oh, your portfolio is down like $1,000 from where it should be. Disregard that, turn it off as you can. That's irrelevant. It doesn't matter that your portfolio is down $8,000 From where it should be. You have to look at your share of accumulation and the share accumulation we have done so well that whenever the bull market which I fully expect to happen in 2024 2025 2026 You're gonna have all these additional shares that you've been accumulating during the crappy year.
So icon like if we're up 118% This is not even including if we accrue more shares during the process. If it goes back to the original price, we would actually be up 100 over 100%
has a ex dividend date of 1230. So you can get into that.
Well, so question would you recommend getting in that now knowing what you know and that's one of the ones that is not like camping world like if we were starting square fresh, we believe iKON is a good company the metrics are good. I will get into
iKON because rice is great. We have like a 20 23% yield.
Dang that's still a lot 23% yield low price or you could buy more shares up. So
you can either wait until they cut the dividend of 2024 to 50 cents and buy at that point or you can buy it now accumulate shares prior to them doing that the share price can't go down much more. So. That's one of the perks like I mean, I don't think it's gonna go under might hit 12 At some point, but like, like, what's the difference between 15 and 12 compared to 15 and 1616? Yes. And the third of all the two and a half will say is there's one that we've held forever. We've held us since 2020. Is queer tab QR t up. That one we got we got for $40.43 it's trading at 3387 currently and
that's not terrible compared to the other one.
We had it was down a lot but we're actually up 3.56 For the year if you are we have to include the dividends is there $2 dividends. We
looked at this before it wasn't right it was down was going so we just had a dividend reinvest and a price of cool you said this one went up with that surge that just happened right.
Yes, this one did good. But prior to the last week, this one was down and a lot. A lot was going like 15% Yeah. And then two point C I guess we'll say is you and we got into UA n which is one that I fully
did you just say two point C
2.2 2.75. You mean 2.2 is U A N It's a it's a hydrogen fertilizer company I like dude, I recommend this to anyone that asked me it's yield as like 20 Some percent. We got that with for $86.43 and currently it's trading at $70. We're down about 15% But its yield is like 30% and fertilizer is going to be super important because we're running out of food. So they're going to be buying hydrogen fertilizer.
Well, I would think from a fertilization standpoint, like if you follow any of the healthy food, any of that stuff, there's all this talk about how food these days isn't as nutrient dense as it was before. So there's depletion in soil yada yada. So that means that people have to add supplemental fertilizers more than they did before to actually grow products and crops and all that stuff. So fertilizer I would assume would probably be one of those like, almost like a utility stocks and kind of a necessity. So
utilities, this is a utility stock and it's one that if you look at if you look at the chart, I bought it at the right time. This is another one we bought at the right time, waited for a correction callback, and then we got it and it went up to like $100 So we were up a lot and I was my plumber, my blimp feathers rhadigan
It's bloom, your plumage,
my plump feathers were out and I was like yeah, badass and then it just drops like with the all day like all pretty much all the energy. stocks dropped in last. Okay, so
now I'm really curious. You just said that happened with two of those. You got you got all excited. Is this why you're so anal about taking profits? Now?
I'm anal about taking profits and companies that are good, like UMass. Because you don't know. I don't know. Like everything. You do
that with another one that we are in the year always take your profits off the tee. Trinity. Yeah, because
if I don't, it gets up to it starts getting like 910 11% of the portfolio. I don't want to be that high.
Oh, so that's a portfolio allocation problem. Okay, that makes more sense. But I'm
only able if you're in like with your ensay AGNC which is kind of already it and you're up in it. Take Profit and your profits because profits do a companies are not things you want to hold. Because if you have a chance to take some money take the money and put it into something else. That's really good. That's a you should your portfolio should have a lot of high yielders but then it should have really good companies that are quote high yield. There's like a triple in the 7% horizon 7%. Trinity's 13% Herculis is 10% APR is 12 or 12% EPR is 8%. You should have a lot of these ones that are really good companies that don't yield your double digit yield that you want to have in your portfolio. So when you take profits from one of your flyers, or one of your really high yield or suspect companies, you just put it into your really good companies and you just grow in that last.
So that's how you can accrue more shares faster of the ones and that's
what I use our yo max for you Max literally just goes into the better companies.
It's a funneling machine.
You blog if you go to zero, I don't give a shit.
As long as you get our initial background get our initial,
same with et NS I use usli and SL VO for the same exact purpose, take the cash and then I put it in into really good company so that way we don't have to contribute money from a paycheck. Do you recall back eons ago it feels like but it was only like six months ago. We were talking about taking money from your paycheck and putting it into your brokerage account every month or every week or whatever, that you're doing that without doing that.
You're setting up a Cash Generation within your stock brokerage account, instead of actually just getting a part time job to funnel money in because
we didn't know like I didn't know what our finances would be going forward because of home improvements and Van outfitting and she doesn't work for the government that pays her 100,000 A year anymore so I wasn't sure what our finances are going to be. So I set it up this way where I could have money that I get every month because they're all monthly dividends. And then I take those dividends in cash and I put them into what I want them to be an EPR SLG Verizon Triple M I just got her mom into Exxon Mobil and buy something else that was really good.
You don't even remember I forget. His short term memory is like, Oh, I
got BTi and I PR Those are both really really really good dividend companies. Can you have a look at her mom's account she has the exact same ones icon can be world. UA N Yep. So she has the exact same losses that we had.
So except you cut your losses in IEP, right? So
I sold all of it. I said now we're good. I don't want because it her accounts different than ours. She doesn't have the time for it to regrow more
value conservative in that portfolio because my mom is 65
Also I'm really if you're older, I'm really anal. I don't have more than like 4% and anything that's not golden like I have no problem I put 10,000 into Triple M because I know triple M's are really good company. I put 6000 into Verizon because I know it's a really good company. I'm not concerned about losing principal in those ones. But like icon as soon as as soon as it started going down. I was like well, we're out of that when she was in medical NP. We'll get the NP W in a second. She was in medical properties and I cut losses in that real right away again. Can
you save your butt compared to a pair to what happened to us? Yeah.
So that brings us up to stinker number three, which I just brought up was medical properties down. I was looking at that one again today. We wouldn't the hell did we buy that one? We bought that one in April April 17. I watched that one since last year. I think it was August of last year I watched that one. I watched the chart and what it did, and at the time it was it was vacillated between like eight $8 and $10. And for the first part of the year, it was almost a it was almost a $12 it was I was like 1153 January 1 I was like damn, that's too much for that. Even though it was up like 20% So like that's too much. So I waited and I waited and I waited and then finally had a dip and we got it for $8.31 in April and I was like dude, I'm awesome. peacock plumage again. Did the whole thing with the chart again where it bottomed out and then it climbed up and then it reconnected and it consolidated sideways and then it climbed up again. And then it bottomed out and that consolidates I was the third climb up I got it and then that when we were up, we were up a lot now and it was back up to like 12 hours after we got it and like it had a earnings report so this is a lesson why you have to pay attention earners earnings reports. If you don't have a lot of money in your brokerage account, or you don't have a lot of principal that you can lose, you have to be cognizant
of. You have to be a lot more hovering in your account earnings reports because
one earnings report can take a stock which is exactly what happened to MP, MPW. It's, I think its earnings. It had an earnings. And July, so in August is when it just tanked right after its earnings report in July. And they had a lot of debt that they had to refinance at a higher rate and people were worried about the profit margins. And then they they had a blurb in their earnings report about one of their biggest tenant was having problems making this rent. So people like panic sold and this is when the herd mentality that we discussed two weeks ago is a bad thing because once the herd mentality was this, stocks gonna go to zero every one sold and it went from like, a like a $12 at that time down to like $4 Oh, it didn't penny stock range. And what I'm going to do when I get my retirement payout at the end of the month is I'm literally going to put my I have my Roth I'm going to buy as much as I can with my my retirement in the Roth of this stock in particular, because I know what it's fair, what its fair market value is is $10. So I know it's going to double at some point and it has a 12% yield. And like its tenants are all paying their rent is doesn't have an occupancy problem. It's still at 98% It's a good company. They have hundreds of hospitals. How
do you say it's in the medical field too, which is another one of those macro trends we were talking about hundreds of hospitals
this is one that I have no I had so sucks that it went down but like we did everything right and that's a really that's, I like it and so we are down 40% And this one down. That's that's pretty damn
pretty to eight before Yeah, I
guess it makes sense. We should be done more like 50 but dividend reinvesting Yeah. This one kind of dividend tune in because
dividend by like I'm gonna say 70 or 80% And is it was another one of those deep cuts that why they cut that price drop because they had to pay off the toes to pay down their debt. Why? They're gonna have to refinance. Their debt at the higher interest rates. Oh, they're trying to pay off as much as it does that can
make sense that makes a lot of sense. See that, but to that as an investor, that's a very responsible dividend cut,
my philosophy of dividend cuts. They're going to happen from time to time. But if they happen more than once that's like, unacceptable, like a lover lying to you. It's like, oh, that's it, we're done.
I cheated once. I will never cheat again. But like
as long as management if they have to make a cut, they only they make it appropriately where they only have to do it one time and then you're good. Sit at that current dividend for as long as it takes and then start raising again. I don't like a dividend cut but I'm okay with the video at once they do it a second time. It's I don't I sell it and I take it off everything. Because that just shows to me that management's bucking entity can
they're lying, or they're hiding other things that could potentially like blindside you later so
that one it was a big huge what's a doozy but I do it again. I buy it again like I was looking at like of these. I buy I think I buy all three of them again. And then then that would then include you and I buy you a and I'm still buying you and so that was our fails.
They could have been worse. They do suck so I'm really curious to see what 2024 does. If you
take like our portfolio if you take out the losses from icon this year, the losses of camping world and the losses of medical properties and the losses of UI and our portfolios that like 20% gain. While we did really well, except
for those but what's so interesting about that is if you look at the stock market, stock markets actually broke even except for a few major growth stocks that made it go up 10 12% was the same concept of
email if you haven't subscribed the email you should get the the email I sent out every week. Awesome. I'm getting really good at right now.
He is I tend to get better at editing my own typos. But
like of the S&P gains this year, they came from seven stocks. If you look at the rest of the S&P, it's only up like 2%
So that really puts things in perspective but your portfolio can do the same thing a couple stocks can tank your freakin wins. Yeah,
like we're like we're up to the present day our air LP, or
how far down are we overall ROI the year? That's what you said 3% 3% for the year my bad my bad was my mom up. Your
mom's up 12%
That biatch horrible
boy so good. Like, like next week we go the portfolio's good. If you're just starting investing, I would duplicate her portfolio.
It's that good. Even as a young person, yes.
It's freaking good. I can't believe I have it. Well, he likes
what he's in. But he does have a slightly different approach with hers because of the whole her being older and closer to retirement age. Ours is more focused on actual growth of income. Hers is more capital that tell
us what to do like in the emails every week. I have a chart that says the top 10 investments that are going ex dividend that week and I break it down like I just started this upcoming next week for Christmas one will have the profit margin and then I have the prices P price to earnings ratio ratio than compared to his peers. So you know, like what do we try to do is you try to find a good company that has growing revenue that has a good cash flow that has a good payout payout ratio has a really good dividend yield that is undervalued, you get to undervalued with the price to earnings and then you can use the profit margin to say well they have oodles of cash and I'm literally giving I'm spoon feeding you I'm like here have another bite feeding you like really good investments
and they're right at their ex dividend date so you can actually pick them up before or you can wait
till they go ex dividend discount price discounts like I would only do that with the monthly ones because you don't have to wait that long. You get the chance to get your dividends in a month but the quarterly ones like pick up before they go back step two so you can start your whole drip process drip drip, drip, go the next week's is good if you don't if you don't take notes, try take notes next week. It's really good. Really good.
Tim is really excited to finally talk finally unveil our portfolio I
like the process was we had the what is income investing and here's the different areas and different areas that you can invest in. Here's the different assets that you can invest in. Here's like the macro trends that are going on with like we had to build, you know, like building the house had to put the blocks at there's a good foundation, great foundations, you know what you're looking at and have an understanding of like okay, what's way to sell at a discount well with the with the closing funds, you know, when they said a discount with bonds and CDs, you know what it's at a discount because we told you now you know with stocks, you just have to find his PE and then you have to use that what is that that full ratio that has that PE chart, you can literally just update the doc keep that open at all times. So I can always know when I'm looking at something if it's overpriced or underpriced. Tell
them about your bond sale. So we've been talking about buying bonds up to a certain point and then we said that they're going to start being overpriced and that's exactly when every other expert is now toting the bonds are the best best thing that we just saw. Like Tim was like, well, that's time for us to sell our bonds because they're pushing the prices up. We talked about that below par value thing. What was the one you were talking about that you just sold off? That was like an excellent, excellent returns.
I just sold the GM bond we got the GM bond for around $80
When was this? I sold this.
When did you buy it 2022 the end of last year
so we were in bonds well before everybody else was talking about them
or going into it in October of last year. At was like 80.6 or 20% below par value was a GM bond that was only it was only up to 6% and it got up to 98 So I sold it at 98. I probably could have waited for a
little while but you told me right after you sold it it dropped back down in price, but I
could wait till I got to 100 but I really wanted to get into Main Street capital
there's sometimes a trade off you have to do in theory every bond should go back up to par Tim to knock it off a little bit. I mean, but still that's a what 80% gain, it was less all your
with with with interest. It was a coupon payments 23% gain. Yeah, so right now I'm trying to figure out what I want to get out if we have no tree or out out area I'll tree out whatever the whatever the tobacco companies Altria, we have that we got that one at $67 and it's currently at like $80 and wait for them to go a little bit more. And they would have been actually going to do with that one is I've legitimately just going to sell that and get it down through your stock because it yields 9.8% It sounds like a
good plan to me. And then
I'm waiting on the Meilan one, Milan. There's two other ones I probably won't sell even though we got there like we got an eco Petro one for 74 and it's it's up at 90 about now. And then we got Laredo one, unlike 98 And it's up 104 After today, but that one yields like 11% So I'm not getting rid of that one.
I still think people are going to be clamoring to get into bonds. If everybody's talking about potential lowering of interest when I have
people listen when I was saying buy bonds, buy bonds, buy bonds, buy bonds, buy bonds,
you'd be in our position and not trying to pick up the scraps or buy overpriced
yeah are like Herbalife the bonds we have. We're up like, damn near 25% for the year and just bonds are like boring as bonds
25% That's impressive guys, so they're not junk bonds.
Well that the radar one is yeah but the others are the other ones are really layer of like like blue chip bombs yeah blue chip on everyone's eyes like so
it all comes down to buying the right price the right price when people are not jumping at the bit for bonds I guess wow every every other type of investment works. We're like everybody's shitting on reads right now and
reads I've been pounding the table the binaries for like four or five months now. So
if you wait on those two and you'll see what happens with them and then you'll be like, Oh, these guys do have a pattern that plays out. BDCs
we started we picked all those up the game a year. Right when the interest rate was about to peak and now the interest rates are coming down. I have to determine what I want to do with some of them. Yield maxes. I've been talking about them for months now you buy them. They're great. And
we're not sure we're not sure if their paycheck or their interest rates are going to stay consistent or it's just like novelty for newness. So that very well could come down but like so far they've been really really good. So we don't know what's going to end up with those. They may very well pay a lot less in the future just depends how popular I
like a few of them. I like to test the one I liked them the video when I liked the Microsoft one I like the Coinbase one I like the Amazon one because those companies are really good companies that will be around forever. So you're just you're making a monthly dividend on stocks that you normally couldn't make. Like there's an apple one we don't like at home.
Another word where one of the few non Apple people
buy Amazon one Amazon stock. I could see getting into that and just holding that for like a decade
or finding the next generation Amazon's that's what the goal that's what our potential behind slips now
I have more time because we didn't have the work dude, I know I got my mind. I'm on like flies on shit on all this stuff. Now he's
on fire. I'm over here renovating a kitchen and Tim's like playing around with a laptop.
Yeah, I'm making making good decisions. So come back next week and listen to next week. So
next week, we're going to unveil the entire portfolio. We're going to look at my portfolio. We're going to look at my mom's portfolio and we're going to go over one of our clients portfolios. They've given us permission to actually go through their holdings. And theirs is a little different because they said they wanted to be in specific sectors. The
ones specific like they wanted like solar stocks and they wanted ESG stocks and they wanted what travel cruise No, I got them out of a crappy things.
Yeah, but they wanted it initially right. Yeah. And then because of like lack of performance, they were more willing to switch the recommendations. I
know that in their portfolio, they have a real shitstorm going on. It's xyM said cargo ship one that it's awesome and it's a really good company. I don't know what happened. They went from like $40 down to like $8
Sounds like sounds like up. But
she was just asking me they should I sell because it bounced up to 12. I was like nah, hold on. I guess she put a limit for 19 I don't know. Try to talk her out of it but her money. Yeah,
or money or choices for sure. So alright, so we'll go over those two portfolios next week. It's going to be super fun, super down and dirty.
So the next week, you know, we own and then you can copy ideas. And then what's after that? I forget, because you know, it's been more than four hours since we've discussed it. But I liked his podcast so far. I've listened to a couple of the episodes and dude, you guys are getting so much information you're getting like, honestly, I'm not. Okay, I am cocky but not arrogant. You're getting the best information you can get and you're not spending money on.
Yeah, and a lot of the subscriptions are like tons of money and they don't tell you anything that everybody else doesn't already have subscriptions
to. He's got a lot of subscriptions in five or six different things.
Some of them actually send the exact same stuff in the mail even other different companies allegedly. So I
have subscriptions to five or six different things and I have email subscriptions, probably another 10 things and like you're getting the most information because I have to basically just cherry pick ideas from them if they're good, which I've normally thought of before they brought it up. But if they have a really good like idea for a stock, I'm like, Oh, that looks good. And then I'll take it. Do
some research. Give you guys the gist. Okay, so next week we're going to do the portfolio. The week after that, we're gonna go into the yield maxes. We haven't actually talked about them on the podcast podcast in full detail we did through our email subscription, but we're going to actually I think we've had a couple months since that email came out so we actually have a lot more data and track record to give you guys information. One of them's been completely paid back, and it's just like all house money at this point. So that's going to be a really interesting episode, if you're looking for a way to generate extra cash to invest in other investments, or other stocks.
Now I see like tiktoks and Instagram, things where people are like, Oh yeah, I got 10,000 I put like all my money into Tesla yield Max. Well, that's just stupid. But I mean, really for them, I guess.
That's what they want to do. By all means. They're not something that you'd
like would put a ton of money on like so I could see 5% of your portfolio generate
and we talked about that before. But we'll get into the full nitty gritty in details on that episode. So yeah, don't get to zoned out for Christmas. Tune into our podcasts or catch up on and after you're like done hanging out with your family rubs
or the freaking newsletter or the email. The weekly email has so much information, so much information and it's timely and relevant because like, I go into what's ex div, so if you fit to fits a good investment, you can actually pick it up and then get additional shares like that week. It
comes out on Mondays and you have to like it's specifically like if you don't get the emails or you wait for us to talk about on the podcast. The opportunity can be passed because they're ex dividend related. So that's why the newsletters are important or the emails are important. So if you're interested in that, get on that subscription. We already we only send one email a week unless there's like a one off like urgent type pleasure. Normally
I can get the like special dividends but every now and then I don't get like a list of special events until like, say Monday or Tuesday and I'm like oh well this one's going special dividends you might want to pick this up. Guess
what we don't spam me like we do not want to spam like other companies spam, Waco, but annoying the flashy emails
were like we'll sell this. I don't do that. Like dude, sell it whenever you want. Hold it, hold it the objective dividend objective for what I'm doing is to hold them like so like there's you'll never really get a flash email saying buy or sell like that's just unless something comes out and earnings report and I'll be like, Whoa, you might want to get rid of that when you have it. But even then, as you see by icon properties even then I'm kind of like man, we'll see what happens.
We'll get it for good companies or companies. Alright, so that's the next two episodes for what is to
come. Carmela is going to Greece in January so we're gonna have to pre
record some stuff. And then we're probably gonna do some travel focused Yeah,
I'm going to the gym a lot January. Yeah.
Tell me on standby for emails. You guys have questions? I do
like a few I want but I mean, I want to if people have questions or ideas or concerns or ideas for improvement or anything, reach out like, well I'm doing this a because I do it for our portfolios, but be so you guys get free stuff that you can make money off. I think we should tell them money. You can do whatever you want in life. So that's that. Have a Merry Christmas. We'll see you next week. See you guys.