Roaming Returns

028 - 7 Reasons We're Bullish For 2024

January 09, 2024 Tim & Carmela Episode 28
Roaming Returns
028 - 7 Reasons We're Bullish For 2024
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With all the fear of a recession floating around most people and experts think 2024 will be a bearish year. There are some factors that support that sentiment, but there's a lot more things that indicate that 2024 will be and up year. 

Tune in to this episode where we cover 7 reasons that signal the bulls should prevail this year. And from what Tim has uncovered, it might go up a lot more than most people expect. 

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Welcome to Roaming Returns, a podcast about generating a passive income through investing so that you don't have to wait till retirement to live your passions.

In today's episode Tim's gonna talk about the seven reasons that he's bullish for 2024. Which goes completely contradictive to a lot of experts out there. By opinion, there's a lot of really good reasons I think I agree with them. So tune in to take advantage of our insight. Welcome back to the bullish forecast for 2024.
Holy House like I was just talking to the microphone. Ah, the magic of recording. We were just talking to the microphone. It's so weird. We just finished up the bog one. So if you didn't listen to that, listen to it. It's pretty good.
Especially if you're considering getting in bonds. You need to listen to that one before you pull the trigger on anything
we're going to talk about today is while I'm bullish on the market, not necessarily on bonds, so just get bonds out of your mind. Now that brought it up Go away.
Go away
Go away. Like because last year, like if you look at love last year, last year, like it was, quote a very good year for the stock market, but it was mainly like 70 to 80% of the gains were by seven stocks. Everything else was pretty much sideways except for like the last six, seven weeks of the year. Everything smells rally, like straight up Santa Claus. Santa Claus Rally was like technically it's from the last week of the year if it goes up like one or 2% But Santa Claus Rally like it was a it was a Christmas rally like there was a lot of ups that shouldn't have been up and then it's probably
why crashes face off for a couple of days trading days of the year of 2024.
Okay, there's one How many points do I have here? How long? I have seven points why I believe it's going to be a very good 2020 market. Okay, here we go. Number one, it's a presidential election year. But generally, they've done a historical analysis of election years for the presidential race. And it's like it's 10.8 or something like that's a lot just by just rounded up. It's 11 11% returns throughout history during a presidential election year. The reason for that is if you follow politics at all, you are very familiar with how the presidential election you guys it's two old white guys, unless it was Obama, but he was he was white. Let's just say let's just basically he made it black but he was white. It's too old white guys promise and everything under the sun and the market listens and like so they say we're gonna spend money on infrastructure. So everyone's like, Oh, I'm gonna put all my money into concrete or to steal stuff like that. So the reason why the average return is so good throughout history is leading up to the election. It's a bunch of promises they're
putting on their peacock because they want to get votes
and then after the election, it is a lot of optimism that whoever won will actually live up to what they promised or it's going to be a change like, like if say, Biden loses this year, there's gonna be a lot of optimism because Biden's not in office anymore and people don't really like respect what he's doing for the economy. So that's why presidential doesn't matter who wins. Yeah,
but leading up to it. There's that anticipation and that hope factor that gets everybody optimistic and spending their money on stocks. Yes.
So that's one that happens in November. So leading up to November is going to be like you're gonna have some ups because of all these promises. These old farts are making. The second thing that happens this year is if you follow the cryptocurrency the Bitcoin halving occurs in April maybe may they haven't really there's like there's not like a set day it's kind of just whenever they do all their, their mining, putting the blocks together and like that whenever it reaches a certain point that's when they have it and
past would show that every year there's a Bitcoin having crypto shoots to the moon. Yes,
cryptocurrency is going to go up from now through when the halving happens, it's not going to go up as much as people think because generally after the Bitcoin halving is when the crypto does some just crazy shit. It goes up for like 1218 months after the heavy that just shoots like pretty much straight up. And
because there's a lot of different stocks that own crypto or in the whole alternate finance realm now, that's going to pull the market up. Well,
the reason that I'm bullish because of the cryptocurrency thing is kind of a pessimistic view. Because everyone's all for you for because they're making money in cryptocurrency so they're just throwing money around left and right. Pessimism Well, it's pessimistic view like they're not investing they're not rational or not for the right reason. They're just like I have all this money from my bitcoin. This stock looks good. G is what calm said. Is that accurate? There's a lot of investments that you can be into that deal with blockchain and cryptocurrency and financing of blockchain companies and blah, blah, blah, blah. There's like lots of different areas that you can invest in, leading up to the halving where you can make money. For me the reason that I'm bullish for 2024 is because the halving is going to create a bunch of idiots
who are then going to dump money into the stock market because they have extra money than to invest.
Yes, it is. So capitalize on the Idiocracy. Okay,
the third reason I'm very bullish in 2024 is last year was this this font this funny new technology came out or had been come out, really popular popularized, it was called artificial intelligence. Ai, like dominated everything last year. You couldn't make it through like a one day and any financial publication that you're reading without at least one or two articles about AI. Sidebar. What I've been reading in January so far is every every financial publication that I'm reading, you can't make it through one day without reading at least one or two fixed income articles. So that's interesting. It is really interesting. Fixed Income being CDs, bonds, preferred shares, dividend paying stocks, things like that. So I think if I wanted to, like, do a caveat with my bullish, I'm fairly, really bullish on the overall market, but I'm extremely bullish on the fixed income market because the fact that we're only a week into January, and there's this many articles about fixed income investing is fantastic.
And our portfolio has actually proved that that's, that's a valid thing. Those days that those huge taggings as Big Red days in the market. What was my mom's account up? 50?
Yeah, we haven't. We haven't actually lost any money. We actually lost money yesterday because MPW took shit, again, but whatever.
But before that, during all the other red days, we were like breakeven, if not up a little bit. Our mom, her
mama, in MPW. She's in all these other fixed income ones. It's not MPW and she's actually up a few $100 in 2024 already.
Yeah. And he was like, Holy crap, I'm doing something right and do something
right. So let's go back to this. So we're very sickly at the very beginning of the AI boom like people's like it's like the internet boom. People don't like actually have the the rationale to to acknowledge this, but because the last year was so crazy, and they think last year was the beginning of the AI boom, and it wasn't
no we're like literally at the doorstep last year was
like if you follow say diets and like you hear on the news over and over and over and from your friends and everything about this kick ass new diet. Well, people actually haven't tried this new diet. It's just word of mouth euphoria for this new diet. The new diet actually kicks in a few months after everybody talks about it. So it's the same very this the same concept of AI AI has literally just started
just started. There's like new AI things popping up all over the place. There's all these beta testers like, aren't one
reason that I think it's going to be as crazy as I think it's going to be is because if you look back at the other previous times in my life where there was technology that basically revolutionized everything, it was the internet, and it was smartphones, and both of those were multi year ridiculous gains if you were in the right stocks. The difference between the internet and the smartphones and artificial intelligence is artificial intelligence is everywhere, whereas the internet and smartphones were kind of centralized around one area, but
now now that technology has a foothold that it has AI is going to just be an even bigger spike. So
I believe that we are just at the beginning of probably a five to seven year AI boom. I would agree. It's going to lead to a bubble. But that's not that's for tomorrow. I tend to wait
for a couple years later once we get our stuff settled.
So it's gonna be like the internet LED technology stocks booming for about a decade. It was the technology stocks that dealt with the internet, specifically, smartphones led to the technology stocks booming for about a decade. There again, just centralized around like the chips and the hardware and the actual smartphone. AI is going to follow suit. It's going to have a technology like stocks that deal with AI which is medical which is a real estate investment trust, which is every consumer goods, which is technologies, like it's going to be everywhere, like it's going to be in every corner of the globe, there's gonna be aI because
they've run people who have been experts in jobs through the AI programs that the AI programs come back and give you the answers that it took people decades to like learn from experience. And it's going
to take probably about a decade before to get to everywhere in the court, every corner of the world. So I of us fully expect the AI boom to last around the decade like it has for the Internet and the smartphones. But what I
think it's going to do is it's going to create a lot of efficiency and effectiveness in like every area that they implemented in so it's going to save a lot of money, which then can actually increase profits even for companies that aren't direct tech companies. It's gonna be really interesting to see this whole thing play out if I had to
pick one particular stock I couldn't do it. But if I was going to pick one that actually didn't perform very well last year compared to its peers, it would be Intel, it NC At TMC Intel did not do near as well as all the other quote unquote AI stocks last year. And what Intel has going on, is they actually make the chips that help with the AI and they actually are creating their own AI products and platforms so until it's gonna be a really big AI player and probably 2025 2026. Good to know.
The fourth reason that I'm super bullish is because all these experts are factoring they're fools dives into say a bad word. So fools fools. They've been saying the economy shit. We're going to recession employments shit. All this law you have you've been listening to anything since 2020 It's been a How about how inflation is gonna kill America? The economy is garbage. We all are poor, like inflation does suck everything cost more than that part is accurate.
But even if it's hurting Americans, we're not the only ones investing in American stocks,
but they have not been able to actually figure out why it's doing so well. The GDP is growing faster than they ever anticipated. Unemployment rate is still well above what they ever thought it would be this far into a quote recession.
I have a question about that whole thing. Are the experts looking at the past and trying to shoehorn where we should be despite the fact that the metrics that are actually out there are pointing to something else
happened? What they what they do, from what I've read with my readings I'm again, I'm speculating This isn't I don't know for a fact is they actually use past data with current data to create future projections. What that means is in the 70s, when we had high inflation, they looked at the inflation data in the 70s. They extrapolated that data at each year throughout the 70s. And they saw a similarity. So they use that similarity with current data from companies and governments. And they then try to project what's going to happen in the later on in the 2020s. Based on what happened in the 1970s. Even though it's completely different world completely different. That's
what I was gonna say is that's one aspect. The problem is if you look at all the different aspects and tried to do that, the historical pattern recognition and projection for now, there are so many things that are in conflict for trajectory, that it becomes a Who the hell knows what's going to happen? Because we're in uncharted waters, right? The metrics are just not lining up the way they've ever lined up before. The entirety right, well,
metrics lined up exactly like inflation percentage is pretty much identical. It was in the 70s. Like in the 70s. You saw it spike up, and then it peaked, and then it went down, and then it spiked up again, that peak and then it went down for multiple years. And we actually have the exact same inflation chart happening in 20. The 2020s But that is just one facet. Right? Unemployment was the same that similar thing where you had high high unemployment and then high unemployment rate and then it went to the job market tightened and there was less people hiring. That part stayed the same. We don't like what happened after that was chaos where nobody could get a job and like the unemployment rate was like 20%,
but the numbers for that are not showing up that so that's not even coordinating. So it's very, it's very interesting to see what's missing and what's not. And I think that's why there's so many people that are on opposite ends of the prediction spectrum. The other thing I wanted to actually note is the word expert. I was just having a discussion with my girlfriend last night about the word expert and we both came to the conclusion that I think expert is a very misused word that gives a lot of people who put study into an area permission to essentially be lazy and stop taking in new data to make experiential predictions. It's almost like they're stuck in.
I don't think it's laziness things arrogance, or arrogance probably
is the better word, but it's like to me I have like a negative visceral response when I hear the word expert because I feel like they shut off new learning. They
don't, but they don't learn how they should. That's what I'm saying this particular area, they're not shutting off learning. They're just using periods in the past to predict future
which is but they're not expanding their strategies. When if you've ever tried
to predict apples to oranges, it's very difficult. It's very difficult and they're trying to they're trying to predict oranges using data for apples. All they have is Apple data and they're trying to predict oranges
and it's I don't know, we just we've noticed a pattern in general that most experts are like, I've
noticed that that time Tom would prefer chairs. I noticed it with bonds. I've noticed that interest rates I've noticed that with inflation. I noticed that with REITs I've noticed that with BDCs like everything that we have in our portfolio we've had in our portfolio, or long before they ever brought it up. And I don't know if experts need to wait until they have concrete 100% proof before they can make a call because they're so scared of being wrong
or because their credentials mandate that like kind of with the Hippocratic Oath because I don't
know if they, it seems to me they're not willing to take chances on anything and it's a reputation problems. The whole market is risk. So just YOLO like if it comes back, but I was wrong about 2024 I'll let you guys know I was horribly wrong about 2024. I don't care. That's why we have our system in place where we find sectors that have been depressed that that will turn around like this year utilities and RMIT. In those sectors, we find the best companies or stocks or investments that we can find that the best value except for MPW ignore that one. I was wrong about that one.
So that way when things turn around, even though we think they May this year, they might not this year, but they're going to eventually you
know the beauty of it and I thought of this when we were like after we finished the what we were talking about our our discipline. The beauty of it is like anytime that there's a market correction, the very first companies to go up or the blue chips Well what we're essentially doing is we're getting the blue chips, each sector that's depressed. It might not be a tech guy got quote unquote, technical blue chip according to the metrics or the experts or whatever else but like I for example, in the REI T sector, IPR is extremely undervalued. So I picked up IPR in her mom's account. That is like a blue chip in the REIT sector.
Someone reached around that'll be one of the first ones to shoot to the moon to the moon lead the
lead the laggards. And the reason that it's going to shoot to the moon, maybe 2024 Maybe 2025 Who knows is because they're actually there, they will cut the interest rates when they cut the interest rates and she's gonna go crazy. Does that number five? No, it's still part four. Okay. So you have right now you have that the government's quote, target inflation data is 2%. And that by that we'll get to 2% Probably in 2025 will be about two and a half to 3% by the end of 2024. And inflation will get to that 2% and 2025. But in the meantime, they will be lowering rates because rates actually are a 12 to 18 month ahead of data thing. So they're going to lower interest rates and they lower interest rates. All these Rei T's that got the shit kicked out of them are going to shoot up that are good ones. Like there's going to be some that don't because they're trash all the BDCs are going to shoot up because they're actually going to make so much money because they've been lending out money at this ridiculous interest rate and then everyone's going to try to actually redo their borrow like their their lives every every thought refinance their loans at a lower interest rates. They're gonna make all that money on these loans they have out from 2020 to 2023. So like, Dude, it's like when the interest rates start going down, every like all these ones that have been just killed are gonna go up. Except for utilities, they're gonna go up regardless. Okay, then the fifth reason I'm super bullish. Now this number is up for interpretation. Like I've read anywhere between 3 trillion and 7 trillion so I just put it down in five trade. There's currently over $5 trillion in cash slash money market accounts and like so these people are not investing in this large bulk position. Once the cryptocurrency does what it does, they're going to start investing some of that 5 trillion in the cryptocurrency, obviously. And once the stock markets start doing what it's going to start doing, they're going to take that five, try 5 trillion, they're going to put it back in the stock market. So all this new money is going to come into the market when that when new money comes in prices go up. It's basic supply and demand supply and demand. markets going to explode once that happened. And
as we said before, crypto can be either in the actual crypto realm or in the stocks that invest in crypto. Any way you look at it, it's still going to push the market up and then people are going to have money and then be frivolous with their spending because they their their picks went up so they're going to dump more money in because optimism leads with irrationality. Excuse me, I said that backwards. The
sixth reason is we touched on a very big game 2023 From a distance was a very, very, very, very good year for stocks. But if you dig deeper, you'll like notice that it was a handful a handful of companies doing all of this excellent
growth. Everything else was like sideways, right? Yes. So there's so
many laggards in so many different sectors that will take off. It's just a matter of time and I do believe it'll be this year because of interest rates and the euphoria with the election election and cryptocurrency and
people want to get out of cash. Because they don't want that they're not going to make it
they're not going to make as much in cash as they like yep, before they were making like close to 6%. Now they'd say it's already down to 5.4 so they're not making as much so they're gonna have so they're gonna be trimming their cash position to put it into stuff that can make them more than 5% So like it's going to happen when it happens to the moon. And the last reason and this is one that I do believe is this is ridiculously overlooked. I've read it in exactly one publication and I've read it nowhere else so I dug a little deeper they found out that it is actually true. For the first time in a long while. The United States is actually pulling back all of the stuff they have outsourced over to China and Africa and ever they're pulling back all these companies back to American soil to make the products because what happened during COVID Scared the shit out of a lot of CEOs. There was as the if you remember, I mean it was so long ago. Through memories like mine. What happened during COVID was we were everything was so globalized that we were so dependent on China to supply like chips and Europe to supply like steel and stuff like that because we outsourced all this stuff. All these supply constraints caused a lot of problems in America. So this just started like they found it was actually better in the long run to start pulling back all these companies. They're building new factories all over America for different sectors. They're so many so it's going to be good for the job. That aspect but like just for the actual different companies it's going to be ridiculously good that they don't have to wait eight weeks for a chip. They can actually just get it say from Ohio. They don't have to wait six weeks for a car they can get it from Kentucky so like this. The more factories more infrastructure, more technology, more jobs, it's going to all it's all it's already started. And it's just going to continue in 2024.
And then if you couple that with the AI aspect, taking stuff away that's like the unnecessarily gobbledygook it's going to save a lot of efficiency and I think it's going to really increase profit margins, it will
and then the like the one area where you can actually leave one area that you can actually see what's happening in like real time is the oil industry. If you remember back into 2020 1020 12 wherever we were so dependent on oil that foreign oil that we actually started doing refineries and drilling and fracking and all this other shit in America and now America is one of the leading exporters in oil and we like we don't we're not held hostage by OPEC anymore. So like all these companies are just doing outstanding because they don't have to rely on the global market. So if you don't believe me actually look at the oil like the American oil industry and you can see what happened there and that's actually going to happen with manufacturing and technology and all these all these companies that are that are bringing stuff back to America or already have some really
interesting, really until that
makes me extremely bullish for like multiple years, but we're just talking about 2024. So like I said, I'm very bullish. I expect 14 to 15% or more in 2024. But we generally invest in income stocks, so it's going to be about six to 10. Six months, not including our portfolios should be up 10% By the end of the year or more,
and then the problem is going to be do we reinvest while everything's over and
overpriced Dell that I've already came up with a plan for I'm not going to reinvest I'm actually once I have a in my Schwab account or in this Schwab account, we actually have a call on specifically for the PE and I can see like in real time like every day I can see okay, well that was still undervalued that was still undervalued compared to its peers. Once it gets about about like, about par value. I wanted to turn the drip off and just collect cash and put the cash into something that's undervalued. So we're
going to be probably cash heavy way before everybody else goes cash. But
it's not going to be cash. I'd be like if we're not doing it for a safety reason. We're doing it we're doing it for I want to find good value in my other income. Investing investments to dump my cash into that I've made on these other ones that are overvalued, like he's like I understand the strategy of you just set something up Forget it like you're going to like sometimes you'll buy high sometimes you buy low but if you're actually monitoring your account, like I really recommend that you should you actually will be able to say well, I don't really want to invest that debt, what 4% dividend into something that is 10% overpriced, that's stupid. So I'm gonna take that in cash and I'll put it into something that's undervalued, like you'd because you're in your account every day you see that and you have to mention that with the email where I say you have to know you, you need to know what you're invested in, because you know what it's worth.
Yep. When the value shifts, and we're always trying to go the sector that's depressed to ride the the corrections.
So if I had the speculators right now the complete speculation as I probably will turn my drip off in May, June for a lot of different investments. And I'll just put it into my utility stocks.
I was gonna ask what sector do you think is going to actually be depressed during 2024?
I think utility will because it got just destroyed in 2022 and 2023. Like it was still gonna go up a lot in 2024. But it's still going to be below where it should be. See, I think
because everybody's going to be looking at the shiny object syndrome, right, the big gainers, and they're gonna put less money into the utilities. Okay, I was just curious about that.
So I like every portfolio should have at least a handful utilities in it. Like if you don't know a good well, there's a few there's a few good ones like I just got her mom into BK h, which is like a company that's been paying a dividend for 100 years and has been raising this dividend for six years, and only pays like 4.6% yield, but because it grows it every year like within like 10 years, it's probably going to be 6% 7% yield,
your yield increase the longer you hold something as they do increases. That's
like one of those like when we we discussed it previously. We are in a lot of shit that is like 1012 1418 20% yield, but we actually counteract that with a lot of shit that's like four or five 6% yield that's super safe. So we average about 10 to 12% per year. So it looks like oh my god you guys invest in a bunch of risky shit now. There are some but if you put like if you break it down like I break it down nothing's more than 5% of this whole total portfolio value. And you just need to mitigate risk that way you don't just because you're I mean, I could see a lot of people trying to make a lot of money by having over diversified in something that's like 15% yield and
that's risky. Especially if it's not a quality company was talking about a portfolio a couple episodes ago if you're curious to know what we're in red
probably will probably have probably bring it up again in the very beginning of February we'll be like Well here's what happened in January and we got fucking trashed and and PW because it's a piece of shit whatever but that's why I'm bullish. I'm super bullish. I'm probably one of the few that's super super bullish.
So and because we're super focused on the the what we call them blue chips of each one of these sectors we'll probably start doing a few episodes on like the three best reaps to keep like to get into for the for the year. Three best, I don't know BDCs.
Best is like it's like the three best investments and a REIT because that makes more sense because I do the best like the best REIT might not be the best investment at the time we do a podcast but say we do. I don't know why WPC. It might not be one of the three best but it might be the one of the best investments best values at that time.
Yeah, as I said by our criteria, so the best actual like price valuation in combination with good company. Yes. So
so that's what we're actually going to start focusing on I'm actually because we've got we had to get through all the
stuff to get to the point now where we can actually cherry pick like what is a good read? Good read has a lot of free cash flow or good read has a pretty good payout ratio. I understand that REITs have to pay out 9% of their their profits to keep their tax deferred status, but at the same time, you can still get a good return with a low payout that has a history of growing its dividend.
And we're gonna do this in the beginning of the year. So that you're prepped and ready to get your positions going in to the thick of 2024 because it looks like so far January is going to be a heading down for the first few weeks. I
sent out an email if you've got the email pat me on the back said don't trade don't trade anything for at least the first 10 trading days of January because the way shit was going in November in December. There's gonna be a
pullback. I think he said probability wise looking back at the history is when the Santa Claus Rally was out of control are really good. There's usually a big pullback in January because they
do have something called the January effect where like generally January the stock market's up. It's one of the better months to invest but that doesn't mean the entire month of January is up and like I could just see a start to the year in my crystal ball.
So if you're on the email you got heads up on that one the week like before January.
I wouldn't invest for next week either. I wait for the least the third week. See
what shakes down and then at that point around that 30 Day marks when all the people that sold their losses in 2023 are going to get back into stuff so that
was like the beginning of February's when all the people that did their their tax loss harvesting harvesting crap they can actually get back into their position so like icon I expect to go up at that point because people probably took their loss in 2023 and they're going to try to get back in the company because it's reduced. It's ridiculously undervalued. So there's that. So we'll see how that unfolds. Next episode we're going to do is going to be I believe cryptocurrency I know that's not something that a lot of people are into but because of the having it does present a pretty good opportunity to make money. So
we'll probably couple that with the free best crypto position. The way to position yourself in crypto that isn't necessarily in cryptocurrency but it's in the stock market will couple that with that that way like it's kind of like the REITs example we'll do the three best companies we think you can actually capitalize from in 2024 in the crypto realm and we'll kind of do like an overall cryptocurrency reiteration tune in for that episodes. It's
important like it's it is
why it matters is a lot of money going into crypto as an asset
class, whether it's a tangible asset or not. It doesn't matter
what other people believe in it which means money is funneling into it which means it's going to show you
need to know about it even if you don't even if you've never anticipated actually holding any physical cryptocurrency you need to know about the actual asset class of cryptocurrency because it is huge. Just think about the cryptocurrency total market cap is 1.6 trillion, almost 1.7 trillion. That's a lot of freaking money. That's that's like so like you need to know about it. Well, it's
kind of like a boomer perspective how they still pay a lot of stuff via cheque instead of online like payment systems. It doesn't mean the payment systems don't exist. They're just choosing not to use them. But there's still a lot of people making money from investing in the companies that have that technology for the electronic payment systems. And yes, so it's a similar concept,
but I'm excited about the actual cryptocurrency one because you get to learn a lot of stuff that you generally don't focus on and like we are I'm in addition a ton of crypto, and like we have to retirement accounts and cryptocurrency like specific like 100% and cryptocurrency so like it's what it is. It is if you ignore the fact that it is a trend that it is an asset class it's that it's here to stay. That that's your that's your call. You don't have to get into it but you should know about it.
And we were just talking about how AI is going to revolution revolutionize a lot of different stuff in tech. cryptocurrency is actually another sector of tech evolution. If you understand blockchain, which we'll get into in the next episode, and we'll explain why that is a thing. So from a tech perspective, so I think crypto is actually just as important as AI. And if you couple the two guys were more important than cryptocurrency it's a different animal. But I think it's just as important just like the internet was super important.
You can be right I can be wrong, but that is the first time ever.
Bullshit, I'm right way more than you give me credit and you resent it. But it's not the crypto it's the blockchain.
I understand but we're talking cryptocurrency blockchain and crypto are two things
I consider them the same. So we'll talk about that in the next episode. And then we'll start doing a couple episodes where the three best REITs BDCs
we'll probably start with the three best REITs they will do with probably the three best utility companies and then we'll do the three best BDCs just because I expect those to actually make a comeback and 2024 So it'd be best to get into them while they're still depressed.
Okay, so that sounds like a good idea. Hope you enjoyed this episode of why Tim is super super bullish for 2024. And if you we'd actually like to hear your opinion on whether you think it's
real people will reach out to us like they listened to the podcast and like make comments. It's weird.
Yeah, we'd actually like to hear like she doesn't email let us know get on one of our socials and drop her drop a comment somewhere I'm sure
here I'm seriously trying to get on Instagram more but it's just
I promise I'm gonna really boost the social ones this condo I can't
see the actual demise of America and Instagram but then at the same time, I can see the actual
there's usefulness the actual,
just gross amounts of people that have big hearts and that care about things that normal people don't care about. Like I can see both sides. It's just so hard to get through all the shifts to get to the good stuff.
Well, I think you haven't been on long enough to actually get the algorithm to start pumping you the right stuff, because
every time I'm on there, all I see is chicks with their boobs like
to get so much fat with that they probably have already frickin IG.
Look at my boobs like Okay, that's great. Like 52% of the population has boobs. Maybe more because men have tests now too. Like, is that all we have going on here? It's Fred frustrating. All right. At the same time, I see like these people that rescue like, like freezing kittens, because they're out in the cold. They'll actually take them out and put like your towel them off and then they'll actually raise them so like, just sit next so you see the boobs and then you see the actual animal rescue. You're like, Huh, interesting. What's very interesting is you see a girl with big boobs rescuing the kitten, then you're like, What the hell do I do now? Do I be mad or do I be happy? I don't know what's going on. Oh, that would be a heck of a hybrid. Somebody do that in friggin tag us. I want to see that next week