Roaming Returns

035 - Why You Should Do More Of What You Love (Like How Tim Pursues Investing)

February 13, 2024 Tim & Carmela Episode 35
Roaming Returns
035 - Why You Should Do More Of What You Love (Like How Tim Pursues Investing)
Show Notes

We've talked about knowing yourself so you can align with your investing strategy and spending plan. But if you struggle with determining what type of person you are, that can make things kinda hard when it comes to finances and goal setting. 

It might be easier to start with listing out the things you love. Really put some thought into this exercise. Then spend more time, energy and money on the things you love and start removing or hiring out the things you don't care about. 

Notice how happy you feel when you start living this way. Yup, that's why we revamped out lives so they could be jam packed with awesomeness.  

Our list includes Tim's love for investing, which is why he dropped so many nuggets during this episode.  

  • Publications he gets corroborate the picks he's been toting
  • Commercial REITs are on the decline
  • Interest rates will be lowered sometime this year
  • Walmart is doing a 3 to 1 stock split
  • Open a Roth IRA before they change the rules
  • Housing market & Crypto to pop off this year

And good stocks that are undervalued right now.

  • NEE and sister NEP
  • MMM
  • VZ
  • T
  • OGN
  • PFE
  • BMY
  • IIPR
  • NUE
  • IBM 
  • ABR
  • Even MPW and IEP are turning around

Let us know if you prioritize the things you love and how one way or the other affects your mood.

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