Roaming Returns

036 - Why Stock Market Analysts Are Now Bullish For 2024

February 20, 2024 Tim & Carmela Episode 36
Roaming Returns
036 - Why Stock Market Analysts Are Now Bullish For 2024
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It's Q4 earnings season and the overall market is beating projections by 6%, which is making market analysts change their tune for 2024. The fear of a recession is gone. Looks like Tim might have been right about a bullish 2024. 

Earnings season is a time to check in on the health of your portfolio assets. Sometimes people miss the big picture of a company's report and panic sell. But that's exactly when we're there to buy the dip like with ARLP.

Join us for a performance overview of many of our favorite stocks and how you can take up some great positions for what's to come.

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Companies that beat their earnings

  • HTGC
  • NEE and NEP
  • BKH
  • OGN
  • MO
  • BTI
  • Most utilities stocks we mentioned in Episode 33

Companies that had a bad earnings (might be bad)

  • ABR (we think manipulation)
  • UAN coming up
  • MPW coming up

Potential Growth Stock Opportunities 

  • SOFI
  • PLTR
  • EXAI

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Intro & Punxsutawney Phil
Quarterly Earnings Reports Are For The Quarter Before
2 Components Of Earnings Reports
We Use Earnings Reports To Check In With Companies
We Used To Trade On Earnings Report Predictions
What We Look For In Earnings Reports
Example Of How A "Bad" Report Isn't Actually Bad
ARLP's Underlying Metric Are Good, Buy The Dip
Experts Market Expectations Influence How People React
Expert Predictions Indicate A Bull Market From Now Through Early 2025
Buy Good Undervalued Companies To Increase Yields & Build In Room For Value Appreciation
Hercules Capital Smasked It's Earnings & Shot Up Close To 52-Week High
Do You Take Profts Or Let It Ride?
Icahn's Company Overhaul
Knowing When To Sell Or Buy The Dip
Utilities Are Undervalued & Keep Raising Dividends
Next Week's Teaser For Tim's Screening Metrics
Other Good & Bad Earnings Reports
Tobacco, Coke & Pepsi Expanding Product Lines
Stock Up On Undervalued Assets In Preparation For The Interest Rate Decrease
MPW's Earnings Next Week
YieldMax ETF Update
Potential Growth Stocks To Watch
Ex-Dividends & The Email Subscription